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Ping Shai - Qi gong exercise for circulation, eveness, and happiness

Ping Shai - Qi gong exercise for circulation, eveness, and happiness

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The benefits of Ping Shai
Master Lee says that a shortcut is to learn the proper way to do things and to do them.  He offers us Ping Shai a gentle exercise with many dimensions.

There is a suggestion in Ping Shai that reminds you to smile while doing the exercise.  This aspect of Ping Shai alone has profound effects.  When I smile, I can feel my happy life just ahead.  Like a puzzle that opens a new skill.  As I continued Ping Shai (almost a year on new year’s eve), the happy life get closer.

Now, something new is happening.   I now say to myself, (with a big smile), “I found it”.   It happens alot!  I found money, I found love, I found happiness, I found easy solutions to that which was hard.  I have stopped telling myself that I am sick/weak/unloveable or any other low self esteem thing.  It is like it was a contagion and I am better!  

“I found it” means to me that I have connected to what I was looking for!!!  This is real and it flows right into the physical world.  It acknowledges that I have been looking for whatever it is that comes up when I say “I found it”.    When I find what I have been looking for, it changes everything both inside in my imagination and on the outside physical world which is much harder to achieve.  

This achievement was done from the level of habit.  Not motivation, not will or luck, or special technique to earn/master.  Just habit and the reminder to looking into the happy place and all the things I said I want.  Doing it once would get it done.  You have to keep the habit going.  I learned through Bravo to keep going, keep taking it, and to “Leave the Light on”.

Further, I made the habit stick by “volunteering" with Bravo and its friendly organisms by serving it to others, helping them get it and encouraging them to continue to do it.  This was my dream when I first connected with the products.  I wanted my house filled with them.  “√ Check”.  I wanted to have it even if for some reason it wasn’t available any more.  “√ Check”.  I didn’t know where these thoughts were coming from but I honored them and they had their own momentum which I believe came from me but also from you as you let it become habit.  

Perhaps, Ping Shai is a way of connecting to an illusive level of consciousness by moving the fog/hormones/toxins, etc.  I can start to see what I have lost and once again connect to my creative imagination.  My spiritual teacher, John-Roger says that the upper astral level of consciousness is filled with things (cars, money, buildings) that people have begun creating in their imagination but they didn’t finish bringing them all the way in to this physical level.

Here at the level of the Bravo and imuno products, we are looking for health!  For me, when I started doing Ping Shai as a habit, it moves and shapes me.  I feel greater health but also  abundance/money/love/connection comes in too.  Joy bubbles, circulation increases, skin moves over my ribs, health starts up again.  Maybe as the stagnation decreases, the happy communication starts up again.   

I don’t think I could have gotten to “I found it” until I smiled and saw my own happiness in front of me again.  I also realized that the stomach meridian is involved.  This bi-lateral energy flow  turns upward when the mouth goes into a smile.  Microscopic doors open all the way through the throat, chest, stomach/liver, etc.  This is very powerful to put the our bodies in-line with health on many levels.  Doors open when we smile.

I recently saw a video of a 91 year old fashion model woman who lives a natural life.  The only thing she has done artificially is injected collagen into her cheek bones.  When I do ping shai, I smile, and my cheek bones fill.  It happens because my smile is so complete that it fills the structure of my face.  Thus, smiling makes natural beauty too.  

Before all of this, I noticed other things too, like how it made my chest/breasts (love) feel and how much more structure it gives to my shoulders/back (responsibility).  So much has filled.  But now, I have it.  I found it.  The smile is so much bigger.  I can have what is right for me.

Ping Shai, how can I tell you that I appreciate you?  Oh yeah,  share it.   I put a product page under Mimi’s Kitchen Club on the site called Ping Shai with an official video on how to do it.  Please share your experiences!  Touch someone else with your gains and "Keep the light on!"

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