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Collection: imuno - The Solution®

What is imuno™?
  • imuno™ is a revolutionary immune support formula with a patented component which is twice as effective as comparable formulas.
  • imuno™ is finely filtered, powerful, & pure.  It has the ability to get into deeply hidden congestion and move it out in its entirety.
  • imuno™  is a micro-sized, blended molecule of vegan chondroitin sulfate, a pre- cursor of acytle-choline, and Vit D for brain & gut.
  • Imuno™ was designed by quantum molecular biologist and immunotherapist Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD. Ph.D., from Florence, Italy
  • Dr. Ruggiero recommends combining imuno™, Bravo Yogurt and a ketogenic diet to get set for success.

imuno™ is a novel type of immune supporting compound that targets the innate immune system. It is different from other immune stimulating molecules that target only one type of cells (e.g. macrophages), imuno™ targets all cells of the innate immune system and, because of this, helps to direct the adaptive immune system against cancer cells, cells infected by viruses, and cells harbouring abnormal proteins or pathogens.

imuno™ is a multi-molecular complex based on vegan low-molecular-weight chondroitin sulfate, phosphatidylcholine and vitamin D3. These molecules, which are endowed with known healthy properties, are arranged in such a way as to reproduce archetypical protocells able to send putatively restorative radio signals to DNA. Due to its peculiar molecular design, the function of imuno™ in the context of immunotherapy shows a dual nature. On one side, the known health effects of its components are amplified by their assembly in a multi-molecular structure held together by a higher number of non-covalent bonds. On the other side, the physical-chemical features of the emulsion enable imuno™ to function in a manner superimposable to that of Freund’s adjuvants.

What are the benefits of imuno™ over Rerum?


The vegan source low-molecular-weight chondroitin sulfate in imuno™ is a major upgrade with almost twice the clinical efficacy over Rerum and its animal derived chondroitin sulfate. Also the pure phosphatidylcholine being the major constituent of cell membranes and the usual constituent in human blood that is assembled with glycosaminoglycans is more effective than the oleic acid (olive oil) used in Rerum. Finally the dose of vitamin D3 in imuno™ is double the dose found in Rerum.

Benefits of imuno™ over Japanese GcMAF
Injectable GcMAF from Japan is manufactured by enzymatically treating filtered serum from human donors. The resulting product has three significant shortcomings. imuno™ has none of these shortcomings.
    1. The Japanese product occasionally produces limb immobilizing pain around the injection site. This is likely due to incompatible proteins from the donors blood.
    2. Sterile filtered serum (0.22 microns) does not remove the smallest Prions (0.03 microns) that cause neurodegenerative diseases and may be transmitted in serum.
    3. The nutritional status of the donor must affect the resulting multimolecular complexes. i.e. serum deficiency of chondroitin sulfate or vitamin D will limit product effectiveness.

    What are the Known Actions of imuno™
      1. Inhibits angiogenesis [blood vessel growth into tumors]. (Kobayashi T., 2016 Nov 18)
      2. Accelerated wound healing. (Ruggiero M., 2018 Sep)
      3. Anti-inflammatory. (Ruggiero M., 2018 Sep)
      4. Anti-Cancer effect [Brain, Pancreas, Lung, Ovarian, Rectum, Prostate, Cervix, Thyroid, etc]. (Ruggiero M., 2018 Sep)
      5. Inhibits Cancer cell proliferation. (Ruggiero M., 2018 Sep)
      6. Acts as a Freund’s Adjuvant [boosts immunity, reduces diabetes, induces neuroprotection in Parkinson’s disease, potentises cancer vaccines]. (Ruggiero M., 2018 Sep)
      7. Anti-arthritic. (Ruggiero M., 2018 Sep)

      Significant Scientific Articles

        A Novel potential Adjuvant for Cancer Vaccines. 2018 Sep

          The following article is a link describing imuno's technical biochemical design as well as its relationship to historical research and previous product versions:  Rationale for the design of a novel tool for immunotherapy based on an emulsion of glycosaminoglycan. 2018 Sep


          2/10/21  From a customer whose wife has cancer:

          As we had hoped, Imuno is for certain improving the blood cell counts. Both in the RBC +.3 , WBC + 1.6 (huge hike) , Lymph% +.3, Lymph Absolute +.7, Mono Absolute  +.4. Eosin absolute  -.1, Baso absolute +.1 , Mono% +11 (HUGE - now normal) , Neutrophil absolute +.5 (now normal) all rose since last blood lab prior to using Imuno.

          Note this has only been 1 month on Imuno. We were told to wait 6-8 weeks to see a difference! The numbers are all going in the right direction.

          MCH is now in the normal range! was low . Short for "mean corpuscular hemoglobin." It's the average amount in each of your red blood cells of a protein called hemoglobin, which carries oxygen around your body.

          Hematocrit rose 4.1 now in the normal range. This is a measure of how much of your blood cells are made up of red blood cells.

          Liver Enzymes took a huge hike. This may be due to the liver working really hard to clean out all the debris left from the process. these numbers rose dramatically.
          AST rose 42
          ALT rose 36
          ALP rose 41  All huge rises. But this may not mean increased tumors in the liver, may mean a fatigued liver due to all the dead cells being filtered out by the treatments.

          One thing that makes me believe that the liver enzymes relate to debris is that her stools are black.  This indicates lots of bacteria being released in the bowels. Important to keep hydrated due to constipation that results .

          Note these numbers were BEFORE we started juicing. I expect juicing will help.

          I now am convinced Imuno is helping the blood counts. Both WBC and RBC.


            What are the Foundational Protocols which can assist the imuno™ process?

            Bravo GcMAF Yogurt

            Research has shown that the micro-biome and GcMAF are needed in the body to set up the environment for a healthy immune system.  The Bravo Yogurt goes in and adheres itself to the mucosa membrane.   Now you feed it and love it . . . what it loves; dark green leafy vegetables, protien and of course, keep the area re-seeded with fresh Bravo which has food and a bit more beneficial micro-biome to start new areas of activated immune system responses.   The Bravo's micro-biome gets to work restoring movement which feels very refreshing and to my surprise, I felt it love me back.


            Part of the highly technical design from Dr. Ruggiero includes ketosis. Ketosis considers the needs of the body.  These true needs have prevailed for eons: eating lightly, intermittent fasting, and very low carbs, like proteins and vegetables, which sends the body into its preferred state: burning oils rather than burning sugar and carbs. 

            Culturally, we have enjoyed bonding through food which usually leads into an unconscious state of over-eating, especially when the need to feel connected is involved.  The act of stopping unwanted feelings and thoughts becomes more important than the body's real needs.  Vast amounts of resources are used to contain the "unprocessed dynamics" with an outcome of becoming quirky and tired.

            The key to ketosis is to eat the proper foods and amounts that give us the ability to complete the digestion of food before we retire for the evening.  Once completed, it triggers the next level of digestion which is where the emotional & mental energy can come up, gets processed and pass through.   Once we learn that it only takes a minute and its gone, life becomes much more roomy, straightforward and fun. 


            A peak at imuno™'s ingredients begins to show the distinction of imuno and how Dr. Ruggiero has evolved it from it's cartilage counterparts.

            • Chondroitin Sulfate
              • vegan - not made from any animal products
              • low-molecular weight
              • filtered very finely and made very small
            • Phosphatidylcholine
              • lipids that clean, feed and access cell walls
              • precursor to Acythl-Cholline
            • Cholecalciferol - a type of Vitamin D3 used in skin, nerves, and cell walls

            imuno's molecules are a patented highly technical design and the ingredients are molecularity bonded.  The size of the particles is reduced by using several fine filtering processes.  The tiny particles make their way with gentle movement through our bodies refreshing us, rebooting our connection with our cells, immune system and the brain.  As soon as that happens, diverse healing occurs

            The imuno™ creates a diverse healing by clearing a path to cells through the biofilm and cleaning the cell wall in order to get a signal through to the cell's nucleus thus the cells are turned on and diverse healing.

            Dr. Ruggiero describes needing both Bravo yogurt to have the milk/colostrum set up for the environment of immune system restoration and a small amount ™ in the fluids and on the cell walls to restore a specific area of concern and to trigger the signal to the nucleus.  Together, Bravo and imuno set up an active power conductor by making the cells available to the body.

            The Blending of Bravo, Keto and imuno

            Bravo Yogurt has it's own sentient consciousness that wants to take care of me.  I traded in my parental feelings of insufficiency for a bunch of beneficial bacteria who are actually doing a good job of bonding with me and giving me a feeling of sufficiency. Not only does it feel terrific but I have the confidence to take next steps.

            When ketosis is added to Bravo yogurt, my digestion is clean and clear and I become more effective at letting go and moving on.  Things that looked out of range before are now very doable. Those higher level things that I wanted to achieve are achievable I have more power in my brain.

            I also feel like I belong and I know when I don't belong.  I believe that this is what happens when the intestine lining becomes happy and healthy and also when I have enough support.

            imuno comes in and begins a trend to being very clean. I can feel the excess leaving.  I feel embarrassed by keeping it there.  It's gross. I can see that I am giving disease all it wants and now, I get it back and it's leaving.   Disease has no purpose in a clean environment.  Negative reactions to people and situations no longer happen because they require toxins to spark from which are no more.  Life becomes very straight forward and easy to grasp. 

            Now, with the body and energy levels handled and the heaviness gone, now it's time to improve those "do it in your sleep" habits and head out into the Light filled positive focused energy.  I am training myself to deepen my breath and use it to release toxins through the gas exchange.  I am training myself to use yoga to find the things that want to be released through movement.  I am also building a habit of daily detoxification bathing.  I love these healthy focuses!


            Mimi says,  "When I take imuno, my body feels like it's working.  It feels on track and stream-lined.   My physical body sheds unwantedness without effort. I have never been able to eliminate or cleanse like this before. nor do I have stress because the powerful movement feels like a relief.  I feel like I am in the right place at the right time and I have more ability." 
            "It makes sense to me that everyone has a little Bravo and a little imuno™ in their system to fully recover their system. It doesn't feel like I am consuming food or adding a supplement; It feels like something was missing and now it is back." - Mimi C.


            imuno - The Solution - General Notes for Approaching Use

            With imuno, more is not better!  It takes energy and responsiveness to drive a mass movement out of your body! Detoxification is big part of the primary action but it is not the only function nor is it a general one.  It is important to have open detoxification pathways it is necessary to have proper nutrition available in the body in order to have the needed supplies at hand to the drive process. 

            Dr. Ruggiero recommends multi-minerals.  Mimi adds that food-based minerals are well utilized by the body and actual food like dark green leafy vegetables will get you a fair amount of coverage. (There are popular and competitively priced food based multi-minerals by D'Adamo on the accessory page which are designed for your specific blood-type.)

            Start using imuno - The Solution® with 1 drop, which is readily available in capsules and suppositories.  Experience the product lifting you and then diminishing after a few days.  When you are secure with that, build up slowly until using 4 drops every 2-3 days.  This would be considered going slowly and being prudent. 

            Many people who wish to achieve a higher potential and anti-aging results will remain on this rate.  However, for those who wish to tackle the removal of a more difficult mass of unwantedness, may choose to increase from here.  Mimi has seen surprisingly good results within months of holding systemic clearing deep inside the body.  Our 1-1 consults will help you get started to understand the products and what approach is generally right for you. 

            If you have a physical medical condition and you are receiving treatment or are unfamiliar with the detoxification process, you may want to get professional supervision.  Although you can buy the product here and self administer it, it is prudent to have a qualified practitioner on the case.  Dr. Ruggiero does not consider this protocol as a DIY project.  To use a skiing metaphor, don't go up to the top of the mountain without a lesson

            We do have other licensed individuals on hand who can help with the unwinding of uncommon conditions.  We believe that where ever you find yourself, you are the one who will get yourself out.  If you are not there yet, no worries, go use the ketogenic diet the way it is described above on this page to clear out unprocessed emotions and thoughts.  If you are interested in an awareness program with the focus of how natural health emerges when the mind and emotions digestion process is repaired, make a 1-1 consult on the accessories page to ask how to set up your program.  Success will come when you stick with good habits, moderation, medical and a gentle solid incline. up and back into health. 

            Detoxifying your body with imuno is pretty complete and it takes time.  What you need to know is the art of detoxification.  Learning to detoxify is similar to learning a full coordination sport such as skiing.  It would be prudent to take a lesson, learn how to use your "equipment", learn to stop, and slow down, and how to handle steep terrain.  Once you learn how to be observant and to be coordinated, you begin to feel great.

            It is important to understand that Imuno has a localized effect in the body.  If used topically by putting drops on the skin, it will activate results in small areas about the size of a softball or a grapefruit.  However, it can be applied systemically to the  sinuses, throat, lungs and heart by using a nebulizer and breathing in the medication.  If licensed for injections, it can also be injected directly into critical areas.

            imuno - The Solution® - Application Options

            As you will see at the bottom of this page, imuno ™ comes in a few different formats which have been made available to reach specific areas.

            • The vial is 3ml or approx 250 drops from a syringe and lasts for 6 months if kept refrigerated a sterile syringe is used for each extraction. 
              • breathing imuno™ vapor with a nebulizer by the drop into the sinuses & lungs is great for systematic issues, bones, blood and general health for sale on accessories page if you don't have one.
              • sublingually as drops under the tongue supporting the circulatory, digestion and respiration systems
              • topically as drops are absorbed into the skin near an area of concern
              • mix it with a base and spread it on the skin.  Some bases are:
                • your favorite cream or shampoo
                • Bravo Yogurt spread on the skin
                • Yew tip salve for DNA mutation re-stabilization
            • Want to sample it?  Checked the terms and conditions box  on sign up and  login, then you will have access to our hand-made kitchen-custom items.
              • Suppositories come in a variety of potencies and can be customized.
                • supporting the pelvic region, specifically the colon, urinary tract, reproductive organs, digestive system, and spine/brain
                  • 1 drop, 2 drops, 3 drops & 4 drops
                  • vegan option available
                  • add yew tip for DNA mutation or retro-virus mitigation
              • Enteric Capsules add the ability to to bypass the stomach acid
                • supporting the area of the solar plexis including pancreas, duodenum, small intestine, spleen stomach, gall bladder and liver
                  • 1 drop, 2 drops, 3 drops & 4 drops

                Take the Bravo-imuno Challenge! 

                This exercise is valuable because it will give you a clear understanding of Bravo works.

                • Put 1/3 tsp of Bravo yogurt in a spoon
                • Mix in a drop or two of imuno™ if you have some. 
                • Dip your fingertips in it.
                • Spread the "lotion" on half of your face but not the other half.  
                • Do this 2x per day.  
                • The challenge is to refrain from using the product on your whole face!

                It is a thin film that flows right on from my fingertips. I use about a half a teaspoon of yogurt in a spoon on the counter.  Both hands of finger tips, and glide it onto as much skin as I can.   I just leave it on.  It seems to be well balanced between moisture and lipids (fats) and it just absorbs really quickly.

                Return Policy - All sales for imuno vials are final.  Should you need to build your confidence, trust and commitment with imuno, we recommend you start with more affordable products containing imuno such as the salve, caps or suppositories.


                This product has not been evaluated by the FDA but it's ingredients have been.     Be medically responsible with your health care.

                All sales for imuno vials are final because we do not put them back into inventory should you return them. We can find someone to buy it at a discount.  Our only concern is that you are sure.  Ways to be more sure:
                *   Read (study) this site about imuno and follow the links, read the articles and product pages thoroughly.
                *   Come to the Tuesday Teleconference call and ask questions (click the blue bar at top for info)
                *   Try a 1-1 consult to understand the products more individually (available on the accessories page)
                *   Consult a practitioner.  (We don't refer due to privacy issues)


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