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  • Ariel W, Argentina

    Yesterday morning I started taking the Bravo yogurt and I felt a sort of energy blast that was so interesting.

  • Linda LN, Quebec

    I had a negative lyme test after 15 years. It's taken 4 1/2 years of imuno to irradicate lyme and all its coinfections.

  • David W, Wyoming

    I am in the remote desert of Wyoming limiting my EMF. Within 45 minutes, the Praesidium made my head very quiet.

Can you be as relaxed as these happy cells?

Feel all the way well with Bravo and imuno products!

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Do you want a strong fresh microbiome that can improve your immune system daily and spontaneously generates nutrition like GcMAF to activate your immune system? Then take Bravo Yogurt or Edestiny (non-dairy) everyday and some imuno and keep the light on inside you!

The study of social behavior of human cells has shown that cells are not simply independent units, but that they interact with each other in complex ways. They release a chemical called cytokines to signal changes in behavior like dividing, migrating, or dying. Cells also communicate through direct contact for cell growth and organizational development. The science of social cellular behavior is still young and has great promise in its development of disease prevention. When the Dr. Ruggiero's products are present, cells can work together to lift our immunity, raise our consciousness, and protect our cellular environment from invaders, toxins, and radiation pollution in savvy ways. A clear cellular environment can speed our way to becoming safe, agile and pliable. It also feels great.

Do you want stronger cells that have their power turned on and can clean up and naturally and shut down the invaders? imuno makes strongly powered cells with a vitamin D3 that has been screened into tiny nano sized particles. It can disrupt the invader's communication with a fatty acid oil used like a soap and can activate the power to build waterways for easy waste disposal. imuno also can keep the cellular space "secure" by using "cell wall" intelligence offered by a vegan chondroitin sulfate. imuno depends on its working supply of ingredients to keep it in action. This action lasts a few days and continues to have a tail of activity that can help coast the effects until they slow down, wobble and come to a stop. If you keep the imuno available, then the system is powered. Use a bit two times per week in a specific area. Keep your cool, eat right, and hold your resources to get the best from life, aging and these products and maintain its health giving effect.

Bravo and imuno together can help brighten the immune system to clear out current invaders and hold a meniscus which keeps them out of a small clean area. It also helps to address generations of shadowy viruses. Their traces affect us but can't be seen because they are energy. Our own trauma plus that from our ancestry create “behavioral genetic levels” called epigenetics. Trauma and disease on these levels can cause despair like an itch on a phantom limb. It also causes modern science an "itch" because they can't find it under a microscope but we all feel it's subtle effects. These products eventually free us of that. I am sensitive and I could feel the new benefits all the time. Bravo and imuno clear out the left over noise in the cell-to-cell epigenetic communication and improves our ability to know what to do, to be ourselves, to forgive it all, to let it go & heal, and leave the pattern behind so the wounds and the noise can fade away.

Since 2015, we at Healthy Energetics have had the privilege of beginning to distribute Bravo and then imuno products to thousands of people. It’s been my pleasure to experience these results with others as they felt better, meet their goals, and restore themselves and loved ones from debilitation.

In the discovery process of life, I have come to realize that I have much more resources than I call upon. I use food, exercise, and sleep to have good clear energy. I eliminate sugar, wheat and meat and rely on minerals, vitamins and green plant power. I clear myself of negativity, judgement, and study the wisdom around. These products are resourceful. When the body is given what it needs, graceful things happen. They have been a big part of my health process and it is easy to make it one of my service projects.

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