Collection: Bravo GcMAF Yogurt

    Do you want a strong fresh micro-biome that can daily improve your immune system and spontaneously generate nutrition like GcMAF that activates your immune system? Then take Bravo everyday and keep refreshing the light on inside you!

    Help to understand the value by taking the Bravo-imuno Challenge! 

    This exercise is valuable because it will give you a clear understanding of Bravo works, how hydrating it is to the body and how much health and anti-aging is available.  It is quick and easy.  Don't miss it.

    Put 1/3 to 1/2 tsp of Bravo yogurt in a spoon
    Optional: Mix in a drop or two of imuno™ if you have some.
    Dip your fingertips in it.
    Spread the "lotion" on half of your face but not the other half.  
    Do this 2x per day.  
    The challenge is to refrain from using the product on your whole face!

    It is a thin film that flows right on from my fingertips. I use about a half a teaspoon of yogurt in a spoon on the counter.  Both hands of finger tips, and glide it onto as much skin as I can.   I just leave it on.  It seems to be well balanced between moisture and lipids (fats) and it just absorbs really quickly.

    What is Bravo Yogurt?

    Bravo GcMAF Yogurt is not like other yogurts and is not really just a probiotic.  It is natural and made from FDA ingredients like yeasts, kefir, colostrum, Lactoferrin and activators which create a powerful ratio, a formula which bonds with you!  Your body is infused with a living micro-biome which clears, stabilizers, insulate, and creates needed nutrition beyond what we are used to. 

    Due to the nature of this micro-biome it also adds the benefit of making a natural GcMAF which is enough to support the function of the immune system.  It will take two weeks to really feel the immune system power up.  Because we need to start gradually, we believe that the benefits keep coming and you will need to continue feeding and refreshing the micro-biome to keep it alive.

    Pro Tip:  Do you have trouble ingesting dairy?  Don’t like the taste or texture of taking yogurt? Taking antibiotics or expect to? You can use Bravo Yogurt topically.  On our teleconference calls, our customers report the results that they receive.  The chemically sensitive people reported all the same benefits when taking Bravo Yogurt topically.  

    Getting Bravo to the most needed places fast

    From Warren W.
    I do believe Bravo started my improvement. Initially I noticed refreshing sleep after taking much less than 1/4 tsp for just 36 hours. I could tell it was something I was deficient in. I noticed improvement of skin lesions when applied topically next. Finally I noticed that my body craves the taste of Bravo. And I guess I trust that the most. I feel almost certain I wouldn’t be here now without Bravo!

    Determining how to take these products

    When you are considering how to best use Bravo GcMAF products, one must look at where you need it the most! Finding the area in your body that is in the most distress can also be the area that can be of the most benefited. However, I can easily build a case for all of these methods!

    So much Bravo, so little time! See your health practitioner and use your common sense. Don't over-take Bravo because you will need to remove the toxins it cleans. We highly recommend using Bravo Protocol with all of the methods below and not to use more Bravo than is comfortable over a long term. Sure, you can have 8 cleaning crews in your home working day and night but it would exhaust you! Sure, you can stand at the pitching machine, responding to the pitches with your helmet and bat but would 5 pitching machines pointed at you be as much fun as one?

    Limit your use of Bravo to the amount that is fun, easy to manage and makes you feel great.  Don't worry; it will all get done! Like exercise, yoga or music lessons, you will grow better at taking more Bravo bit by bit.

    Why do I need to take with Bravo Yogurt?  Dr. Ruggiero has left us with some ideas as to what else to take with Bravo Yogurt. You can watch this Reference Video, at minute 40:10 to 46:30 where Dr. Ruggiero mentions a protocol for Bravo that brings good results
    • Mild Ketogenic Diet - dark green leafy vegetables and clean protein
    • Protein shakes - to stabilize blood sugar between meals
    • Food-Based Multi-Minerals - to provide the tissue with rich nutrition
    Rubia Cordifolia & Lithium Orotote -  to sweep toxins into the lymph.
    Pro Tip:  Mimi made this herbal formula into a reality.  It is called Bravo Protocol Capsules.  People love this formula it improves the lymph and clears the skin.  

    What do you need not to take?  Because the micro-biome is a living organism made up of beneficial microorganisms in a specific ratio, flooding that ratio might distort the formula.   Since the formula contains things like yogurt, probiotics, and kefir those types of things should not be used excessively in your diet.  If you have a special kefir, take small amounts in the middle of the day and take the Bravo Yogurt in the morning and at bedtime.  Colostrum is a food and can be used freely.  Use your discretion with other cultured foods, like sauerkraut, etc. to not "flood" yourself.

    Bravo Yogurt relates to the vitamin D metabolic channel and will eventually open and  stabilize your natural Vitamin D channel.  Please take care not to take high amounts of Vitamin D at any time due to the possibility of toxic levels.  Make extra sure to be moderate with Vitamin D as your natural levels and functions begins to work so as not to create high and toxic levels.

    Antibiotics are not healthy to your micro-biome and will eliminate it in a few days. Learn to keep your body healthy by using a ketogenic diet, which burns oils instead of sugars.  Our bodies and micro-biomes can live on oils, whereas the bad microbes cannot.  Keep your acids and sugars in balance. All living things have some sort of consciousness and my micro-biome responds best to love.

    How to make Bravo Yogurt Yourself at Home!

    Making Bravo Yogurt yourself is easy!  You use milk and a culture starter powder.  Then you keep the culture warm at 93 degrees for 12 hours. Don't worry.  It is quite resilient.

    1. Find a good source of healthy milk at your local health food store or farm.  It should not be "ultra-pasturized".

    2  Find a way to keep your culture warm.  We suggest a yogurt machine with a thermostat and a timer.  Look for a yogurt machine that costs about $25-30 and looks like this.  We have recommended this one for years without a problem. Try the name Mueller, that is often the cheapest.  The names change but the manufacture stays the same. 
     Once you establish how you can keep your yogurt warm, it's time to put it together.

    3. Take your milk, heat it gently to 175 degrees.

    4.  Cool it in an ice bath.  Letting it cool naturally takes a long time and it might make the milk go bad.

    5. When it is cool, skim the top of the milk and remove the film.  This is unwanted and makes some people sick.  It is made of the stress hormones and clearing it makes a nice clean material for your culture.

    6.  Stir in the powders.  There are 3 envelopes in your packet to be all mixed with 4 cups of milk.  (a quart)  It's okay to use a mixer.

    7. Put the mixture into any jar or container that you want to culture it in.  Leave the top off, slightly to the side, or even a plate to allow the mixture to get air.  Even the big black jars set on the bottom of the yogurt mixture will work at 95 degrees.

    Pro Tip - If you have the Miron Glass Jars, then you can simply cap them and move them into the fridge when you are done culturing them.

    Pro Tip - There will be a layer on top of the jar if you are using raw milk.  That is good.  That's the cream.  Mix it in or leave it.  Up to you.
     The 4 Methods of Taking Bravo

    1 Yogurt  Slowly sipping, swishing and swallowing the yogurt assists mostly the upper part of the body! The brain, nerves, throat, thyroid, heart, lungs, esophagus, and the walls of the stomach all receive the most from this method. Over time, the beneficial bacteria permeates to the connective tissue, muscles and nerves giving us comfort and the feeling that everything is contained and manageable. It makes sense that strong connective tissue would give us a sense of "holding it all together."

    Our immune system, supported by a ketogenic diet, slowly clears out the potential heat/inflammation and residual infections which may fester. The beneficial bacteria cools and insulates the nerves, making our thought process clearer, deeper, and more focused. I am not a doctor! This is just what I experience while taking Bravo. Experience it for yourself over time. I personally experienced the effect in my intestines while taking yogurt, so I know the yogurt reaches there too. If it can't pass through the stomach acid too well so perhaps it moves through the walls of the stomach itself and duodenum.   I experience my thought processes going from being able to handle one thing at a time to two, three and even four parts of the same analysis at once! It reminded me of being in college. (and that I wasn't doing that kind of thinking anymore! ops!) I personally gained back lots of mental function from taking Bravo!

    2 Capsules  -The enteric coated Bravo Concentrate Caps speed past the stomach acid for delivery to the area of the pancreas, small intestine, liver, tubes of the digestive system, the stomach and even the spleen and kidneys getting it coated, cleaned, and brightened more quickly than yogurt alone. The Bravo Concentrate holds the complete action and nutrition pattern of Bravo GcMAF yogurt in capsule form and is made from prepared Bravo GcMAF Yogurt which is dried at a low temperature and it is not from starter powders mixed together. It can stay stable without refrigeration making it great for travel. For me, I feel brighter! It is like the lights "turned on" in that area and I had no idea how much my pancreas needed attention and how quickly it cleared up after years of not tolerating any sugars! To find the capsules, please login.  Go to this tab, "Bravo GcMAF Yogurt" tab and look on page 2. ____ from a customer I have been in remission from severe, life-threatening ulcerative colitis for two years now, thanks to GcMAF yogurt. I started with the actual yogurt, but for my lifestyle it's much easier to take the capsules. I just take one 2 tbs.-strength capsule each morning, and sit back and relax, 'cause I know I'll continue to be well. And after forty years of struggling with the disease, and several hospitalizations, it's pretty miraculous to be able to say that. Thank God (and Mimi) for GcMAF yogurt!!! - SW

    3 Suppositories -  Taking a suppository brings Bravo GcMAF action to the colon, bladder and reproductive system which can harbor low grade infection. In the Oriental System, the bladder is mental health and Bravo suppositories therefore greatly increase a timely sense of well being.  Bravo Coop offers different strengths in the suppositories to help you find the right daily level for you. For me, the suppositories seemed to transform this area into a lighter and more breathable feeling. Also, I felt the whole colon, duodenum, stomach, esophagus, and soft palette feel more connected and awake. I even experienced an increase in being able to taste my food! I also experienced the effects of the suppository going directly into my spine and up to my brain like an elevator.  I went from not liking the idea of suppository use, to not wanting to miss this wonderful experience!  Make sure to get it for yourself.  

    4 Topically on the Skin -  Have you tried this yet? Take a small amount (1/2 tsp) of Bravo Yogurt and apply a thin layer to the skin of your face and neck and let it dry. Soon your skin will feel like a baby's skin! It feels hydrated, full, strong and happy. I experienced less wrinkles and that it was easy to do! The skin is the primary defense of the body. It defends against bad microbes among other things. The skin is also the brain of the body, according to Bruce Lipton, a Stanford cell biologist, in The Biology of Belief. Immune support in this area allows us to stay in touch with reality and defend ourselves effectively. I have always "fed" my skin naturally, with aloe vera, fresh seed oils, and coconut oil and a dab of yam extract mixed in during menopause. Now that I have Bravo to use as a natural emollient lotion, I get so disappointed when I forget this step! It is such a benefit!

    How to measure when mixing applications of Bravo 

    With all 4 types of applications, the dosage approach stays the same. Begin slowly with a very small amount (approximately 1/4 tsp) x 2 times per day for 1 week either internally or externally on the skin.  Then build up each week a bit more, as in 1 tsp, 1 TBS, 2 TBS. - 2 x per day. etc. Dr. Ruggiero suggests not taking more than 1/2 cup per day, however, I take far less. If you are mixing applications, stay under this guideline because you are conditioning the layers of the detoxification channel and lymphatic system. Perhaps one dose is one application and another dose is another, or you start in your area of concern and branch out to other applications when you are taking more. The first month is about conditioning the channels of detoxification.  Get cleaned up!!!  Use your vegetables and fiber they offer to make your body green!  (Hopefully not literally!)

    Please follow your doctor's advice or if alone, use your body's lead. The second month is about how much to take to feel great!  If you aren't feeling great, slow down.  If you are taking too much, you may feel overwhelmed, too much to respond to or too busy.

    Pro Tip:  If you aren't feeling anything, take the Bravo Challenge so that you understand.  Perhaps you need to increase to feel great.  The second month is your playground and feeling great is your intention. If you take too little or are not eating well enough, you may not feel anything. You may not feel any benefit, energy, or "brightening". If this is happening, clean up the diet, take vitamin D, hold to your start up levels from 1 month, then you may consider taking tiny increments until you feel great and then hold at that level.

    The third month will be to learn about "push back".  The immune system is working and the bad microbes are dying and seriously threatened.  They have a presence in your body and they will have a reaction which you will feel.  I call it "push back" because they don't want to be eliminated.  It is simple self-preservation from their view. This is a time to focus on the good you have achieved and stay focused on increasing our good habits.  It is tempting to get discouraged but this month needs to be viewed for what it is; the removal of unwanted and dangerous elements from your body.

    If you feel that your good self is being pushed all over the map and you begin craving what you know you shouldn't do, try to do your best to hold onto your well built habits and stay with it.  Take your vitamins, do your exercise, don't let yourself stay up too late, don't give into the cravings to get what they want.  Instead show them to door with a dropper full of parasite removing tinctures.  Bye bye!  Have fun somewhere else! When planning to mix different Bravo applications, common sense prevails. Stay within your daily dosage even if you are applying it several different ways. Any combination is fine as long as it doesn't exceed the daily amount.

    Mimi's Kitchen Club Mimi's Kitchen Club is a private membership association like a food coop where you can purchase hand-crafted capsules and suppositories made to your heart's content!  Available are "start-up kits" for capsules and different potency suppositories as well as yogurts made from different milks.  This makes it easy to increase over the first month of use or find your perfect balance for ongoing use for either application. When looking for or buying Mimi's Kitchen Club hand crafted products, you must have an account with the terms and conditions checked and be logged in.  Otherwise these products will not be available for you to buy or in some cases, will not be visible on the site.  

    Help to understand the value by taking the Bravo-imuno Challenge! 

    This exercise is valuable because it will give you a clear understanding of Bravo works, how hydrating it is to the body and how much health and anti-aging is available.  It is quick and easy.  Don't miss it.

    Put 1/3 to 1/2 tsp of Bravo yogurt in a spoon
    Optional: Mix in a drop or two of imuno™ if you have some.
    Dip your fingertips in it.
    Spread the "lotion" on half of your face but not the other half.  
    Do this 2x per day.  
    The challenge is to refrain from using the product on your whole face!

    It is a thin film that flows right on from my fingertips. I use about a half a teaspoon of yogurt in a spoon on the counter.  Both hands of finger tips, and glide it onto as much skin as I can.   I just leave it on.  It seems to be well balanced between moisture and lipids (fats) and it just absorbs really quickly.