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Bravo GcMAF Yogurt Starter Powder One (01) 1 liter pack (Best before 06/25)

Bravo GcMAF Yogurt Starter Powder One (01) 1 liter pack (Best before 06/25)

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What will Bravo Yogurt Do for me?
  • Bravo yogurt builds a microbiome that specifically improves many functions of digestion, elimination, and nutritional processing within the body. 
  • Viral biofilm (glue) impairs the start-up for the immune system (a door).
  • Bravo yogurt and the microbiome targets the creation of GcMAF (what comes out of that door) and stimulates the immune system to turn on
  • After several months, the immune system will clear the viruses and the immune system will begin acting naturally.
  • The microbiome and the immune system, now working begin to make really nice upgrades in the body's function which make you feel really wonderful
  • Continuing to support the microbiome over time will bring unexpected good results (more is not better)
  • Long term use can remove colonies of unwanted microbes and their symptoms slowly and gently in the background.  (More is not better)


Each pack of Bravo Yogurt powder consists of 3 different foil sachets. I am over simplifying here.  Dr. Ruggiero tinkered with 324 different experiments to get the formula to work and the ingredients and ratios of each are very specific.
  • Many different lactobacilis 
  • Enteric benefits such as bifidus and friends
  • Colostrum (food for beneficial organisms)
  • Catalysts such as Kefir & Yeasts

Taking things like probiotics, yogurt, kefir, Kombucha can throw off the formula.

Each Liter pack of Bravo Living Probiotic powder makes a total of 4.25 cups of product.  
  • We recommend a slow start. 
    • 1st week - 1/4 tsp x 2 times per day
    • 2nd week - 1 tsp x 2 times per day
    • 3rd week - 1 TBS x 2 times per day
    • 4th week - 2 TBS x 2 times per day
  • First Month:
    • 1 batch will last 2 people for 1 month if just starting up.  
  • Second Month
    • 1 batch = 67 TBS (your intake may vary but 2TBS x 2 is good)
  • Ongoing
    • Dr R. recommends not more than 2 oz x 2 per day maximum)
    • Ongoing is great.  The "house" gets dirty right?
Bravo depends on detoxification.  Therefore, more is not better. A consistent & workable stream of toxic waste moving from your body will be perfect.  If you take too much, your body can easily get overwhelmed and movement will stop.  If you don't feel GREAT, then adjust your dosage.  You may be taking too little or too much.  Too much will feel like you have "TOO MUCH TO DO" instead of doing it.
Dr. Ruggiero recommends using Rubia Cordifolia and Lithium Orotate to support the detox from this product at all stages of healing.  We make that and sell it in Mimi's Kitchen Club called Bravo Protocol Caps. (see top bar navigation)  
  • The LIVE CHAT is your go to for asking questions 
  • Also please feel free to use the LIVE CHAT to contact us live for your Order/Help Desk
  • Mimi's Kitchen Club helps you get it done and explores customizations
  • Tuesday Night Teleconference calls are available for live Q&A

Expiration dates/Shelf Life:

  • Whole Dried Bovine Colostrum: Lot 7185 - 06/2020
  • Starter: Lot L80412 - 06/2019
  • Probiotic Complex: Lot 7226 - 08/2019
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