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Nebulizer - Omron NE-C801

Nebulizer - Omron NE-C801

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Breathe in your imuno  - The Solution® with this Omron CompAir tabletop nebulizer. This unit is small and lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room.  This unit used to be much cheaper until the medical supply rush from Covid-19.

Be VERY CAREFUL when you use this nebulizer. It is easy to break it.  Specifically, when you put the top on the cup, you must have the blue cone over the clear plastic cone on the bottom.  If you don't and you force it, the blue cup will break and there is no replacement available at this time.   This video is from the manufacturer.

Directions for use with imuno in the nebulizer:

You may choose to put the imuno directly into the cup without dilution.  Or you may use a small amount of saline solution to mix with your imuno and take it into the lungs.

I personal don't dilute it.  Instead, I put the number of drops in the cup and get relaxed and ready to inhale the imuno.  Then I turn on the motor switch off, which is like a fish "bubbler" pushing air. It pushes the air over the medicine cup and the imuno goes into my sinuses and lungs.  When I am no longer comfortable with my inhale, I turn off the machine and put my hand over the mouth piece (which I use to breath into my nose). 

People have taken anywhere from 2 to 11 drops 2x per week.  Start small to help yourself adjust and clean out the detox pathways. 

Video of Mimi showing you how to use it.

There is more info in the imuno section.

 Compressor, nebulizer kit, air tube, mouthpiece, filters (5), wall plug, storage bag, manual

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