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Luxury Body Soap with Imuno® and Yew Tip

Luxury Body Soap with Imuno® and Yew Tip

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New cool name of soap is a luxury body soap that is all-natural, vegan, organic & plant based. It is very gentle


This super-fat soap is gentle, luxurious and actively helps to make your skin healthy


enough for your babies first bath.   want to shower just to keep experiencing the way it cleans and activates the health of your skin.  It is gentle enough for your babies first bath

Exclusive to Healthy Energetics. 

formulated specifically for enhanced lather.   using elegant ingredients that enhance the activation of benefits of this gentle giant.

Pacific Yew Tip and Imuno® combined into one bar. Use on the hands or the whole body. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, this Luxury Soap does not contain any added perfumes or fragrances that might irritate the skin or eyes.



Organic Handmade

Made by hand for Mimi's Kitchen Club members, this soap

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