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Miron Glass Jars

Miron Glass Jars

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The 1/2 liter size jar (empty) fits the 1/2 pack and 2 cups of milk. (Great for single people, impaired lifting, and beginning)  This is the size we use for our Prepared Yogurt.  Miron Glass and Bravo Probiotic are a great combination because it apparently keeps the yogurt fresher and gives it some energy.

Miron Glass is made in the Netherlands.  It seems to be able to contain and hold electro dynamic subtle energy we might call "life force".   The glass looks black but it is a deep purple when held up to strong sun. It keeps it's contents much stronger and stays fresh longer.

It is "charging" glass and generates energy. Try this by putting the same flowers in two jars, one being a Miron glass jar.  My flowers lasted weeks longer than the other bunch and at a month there was not one brown edge!  Amazing!  I then started to reuse the glass jars for fresh oils and drinking water and noticed how much strong my urinary system became.  Check it for yourself.

When making the Bravo DIY powder, you will need two of these 1/2 liter jars to be optimal. This is a safe and graceful way to contain your batch of Bravo Probiotic to keep it effective.  You can even put your yogurt batter in the 2 jars and culture it right in the jar.  If you are only doing one jar, you can split the powders and make it more often.  (see how in this video  "How to split a Bravo 1 pack to make a 1/2 pack")


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