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Immune Restoration Capsules - 10 caps of 1 drop ea. (Best before 3 mos)

Immune Restoration Capsules - 10 caps of 1 drop ea. (Best before 3 mos)

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Immune Restoration Capsules have enteric coated capsules and are designed to open in the solar plexis.  They contain 1 drop of imuno in each cap.

While Bravo creates the movement of the mucosa, the Immune Restoration Capsules moves the deepest congestion and marks it for the immune system to remove.  It helps the immune system to recalibrate the tissue it is moving through. This action is restorative for the immune system and also for the body tissue.

Directions for use:

Immune Restoration Caps are utilized best in tiny amounts.  To standardize it, we refer to the droplets of as they fall from the syringe. The length of effective seems to overlap having a long tail.  We recommend taking 1 cap 1 time per week.  The long tail of action may last 7 weeks, causing you to naturally increase the strength.

Some practitioners reported that they found the effect would stay active in a small area about the size of a softball or grapefruit.   It is prudent to limit the action to two areas for a total of 2-3 drops.  I personally found 4 drops to be quite a lot to deal unless I could rest!  If I kept doing that every few days, I would become ineffective (weak) at keeping myself organized.  Reducing the effect worked well and I felt great.  The result was very successful.

Immune Restoration Capsules are made fresh in small batches and are expected to last for 3-6 mos if kept refrigerated.  We recommend that you only buy what you need for a few months and use them up to assure their highest efficiency and freshness. 

More is not better.  It is easy for your body to get overwhelmed with too much toxic release especially if the exit pathways are blocked or inadequate.  Please start slowly and take responsibility for knowing your proper rate of removal.  You should feel great.  If you don't feel great, take less until you do.

What immune Restoration Capsules can do for you:

immune Restoration Caps allow movement of the immune system by breaking down unwanted material and moving it out in micro-sized pieces.   Much of the debris we find in our bodies has been building up for years and perhaps grew larger than the doorway.  Finally, too fast or too much isn't always comfortable!  You might not want 7 cleaning crews in your house each day.   Be wise and use your senses and awareness to discern what is right for your body. Consult your medical practitioner prior to using these products.

How does the product come?

Immune Restoration Capsules come with 1, 2 or 3 drops of Rerum in each capsule. We recommend that you take one capsule every 1-2 weeks until you get the rhythm of what it feels like to move in and to recover it. 

Effects of Shipping:

The capsules are shipped with an ice pack to hold the oils solid within the capsule. These capsules may or may not leak in very hot situations.  Refrigerate upon receipt.  It is also fine to travel with these caps at room temperature but refrigeration is preferable for long term storage.

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