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Concentrated GcMAF Yogurt Powder to make your own caps

Concentrated GcMAF Yogurt Powder to make your own caps

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Concentrate GcMAF Yogurt Powder is what we use to make capsules and suppositories.  If you are looking to make your own capsules and suppositories or to use the yogurt powder without a capsule, this product is efficient and cost effective.

This is enough powder to make 175 capsules or 6 racks of suppositories.  The cost savings would be very good for you to use this powder to make your own. 

What you don't want to do is buy capsules and open them. We use enteric caps for this.  The amount of powder is small.  And lots of the cost is in the labor to make, dry, and encapsulate.  Opening a capsule is a very expensive way to get your powder.

This powder is not starter powder.  It is GcMAF Yogurt that has been made and dried giving it full interaction with all the ingredients.   It is used specifically for capsules which are enteric coated and can get through the stomach acid and reach the small intestine and also to make suppositories.  That is what they are for!!!  To reach the solar plexis.  That's why they cost so much. 

There are kits included on this page for DIY folks.

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