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Colostrum Powder - Regular (half/sample or full jar options)

Colostrum Powder - Regular (half/sample or full jar options)

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There is already colostrum in the GcMAF Yogurt Powder.  There is 1 TBS per liter of product.  There is no need to add to that, however,  there are uses for Colostrum.

Uses for Colostrum with GcMAF Yogurt

  • Should your product be stressed, let out, cold or hot, colostrum is comfort food.  Add 1 tsp one time to a jar.
  • Use Colostrum Powder when creating a second generation.  Add 1 tbs per liter of milk along with 1/4 cup of yogurt and culture the same way.

We recommend keeping colostrum refrigerated even though it is "stable" for shelf life.

This jar is for 1 oz.  This is a "sample" for you to try and test to see if it works for you.  We have other sizes, but expect a half jar of powder. 

New!  Colostrum Upgrade -  All Colostrum is not equal

Colostrum helps immunity!  When we are first born, we take something called the "first milk".  It is meant for the time when our guts are porous and open and  colostrum passes through and establishes a blood syrum to make solid immunity.  Colostrum can be helpful any day for leaky gut and many other things.

Several of our Bravo-Coopers have reported that one brand of colostrum is of a much higher quality and gets results like no other.  It has been clinically proven to be four times more effective than other brands and 1500% more bioavailable due to a superior delivery system.

Now you can upgrade you Bravo Yogurt experience with the best colostrum product that we can find.  Simply add 1 TBS of Colostrum Upgrade to a 1 liter (4 cup) batch instead of the white envelope which has been provided.  Notice the improvement yourself!


About Colostrum
Colostrum is the thin fluid produced by breastfeeding mothers. It is produced in abundance during the very first few milkings, and with each milking, less is produced. Colostrum introduces immunoglobulins from the mother to the infant and turns on the child's immune system. Colostrum has incredible immune-balancing benefits

Colostrum contains a rich array of nutrients, including growth factors, lipidic and glucidic factors, oligosaccharides, antimicrobials, cytokines and nucleosides. This substance introduces the newborn to over 95 different compounds that balance and stabilize the immune system. It also brings in eight growth factors that promote normal cell growth, DNA synthesis, fat utilization and increased mental acuity.

Bovine colostrum has an identical structure to the natural colostrum produced by humans. Research has attributed many health benefits to bovine colostrum. These benefits include improved gut stability and nutrient absorption. Colostrum also provides immunological balance, increases energy and reduces inflammation and illness.

Return Policy
We keep our colostrum in the refrigerator. Unopened bottles of colostrum can be returned for store credit within 10 days of purchase.  It will keep for 4-6 weeks or more with refrigeration.
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