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Biofilm Matrix Enzyme

Biofilm Matrix Enzyme

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Biofilm Matrix Enzyme

Cuts through biofilms caused by pathogens which use them for their own nests and other purposes.  These biofilms make it difficult for the body to identify the pathogens like a cloak of invisibility. 

There are two kinds of biofilms in an ordinary nest.

  • the hard covering and
  • a jelly inner structure.

Biofilm matrix may easily clear the biofilms and should not be over used at a rapid rate because it sometimes hides and therefore exposes very large areas that are difficult to clean immediately upon opening. One must weigh their energy for the bigger jobs. 

For regular light duty job of clearing and cleaning go lightly. Meaning 1x2 caps and not every day.  

For heavy duty restorations, make sure that you have the strength, before you move into it with 3 per day for example for a few weeks.  Never use aggression in your actions in that we are actually "responsible" for this type of condition.  Self awareness, having time & energy, proper diet and detoxification methods in place, and facing the issues straight on will be a prerequisite for such restorations. 

Go with gracefulness and ease & leave the light on


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