Collection: Yew Tip

Bravo Products and imuno™ products do wonders for our health.  There are also some simple herbs that can be very effective at releasing retroviruses, re-establishing our natural DNA transmissions, and lifting the "tissue stress" from our own emotional denial, etc.  These products can be synergistic and health producing. 

We combined some extraordinary power into a simple salve.  it's base is yew tip but also receives benefit from Cistus, Scutelleria and Labdanum with a touch of bees wax.  Many of the issues that these herbs address are the underpinning of many diseases and the salve can stand on it's own healing merit. 

Pacific Yew Tip salve has blended their healing attributes with imuno™ and has become a lovely carrier for the imuno™ drops to be distributed topically.  Dr. Ruggiero says that imuno used topically is able to penetrate similar to an injection. It is a nice idea to not be intrusive if possible.  

We recommend using Bravo Yogurt to keep the immune system balanced.  For those exploring Bravo for the first time, Bravo is designed to create GcMAF which is made naturally within the body but viruses create biofilm and glue the door shut that initiates the immune system.  Thus we need to keep Bravo around to open more areas of the body.  It keeps helping us to digest, process and be aware as well as keeping the body balanced.

Our Yew Tip Salve is the base for several products such as topical salve, lip balm, and suppositories.  We also have capsules available to clear the abdomen.  Plus the salve's ingredients are also available separately.

The ingredients of Pacific Yew Tip Salve.

Pacific Yew Tip - There are seven species of Yew trees which grow around the world, but only the Pacific Yew (Taxus brevifolia) is not poisonous.  It has naturally occurring compounds called "Texanes" that have been shown through scientific biological studies to inhibit harmful cell development and reproduction and has been synthesized for chemotherapy for cancer.  

3 minute video about Pacific Yew Tip used as chemotherapy

When a study of rivers in the Pacific North West showed mercury in the rivers from gold mining over one hundred years ago, the fish had three eyes!  A study was done with Yew Tip which was successful.  Fish eggs were split into two groups.  In the Yew Tip group the genetic mutations were restored whereas the control group stayed the same. 

For centuries, the Native Americans called Yew Tip the "Chief of the Forest".  It was used to gain strength and endurance and as a tonic for older people.  The soft pine scent naturally repels parasites whereas our own good bacteria and micro- biome use yew as a tool to assist  their immune system process to fight invaders.

In this collection of products, Yew tip may be used alone or in combination with these other oils. 

Cistus incanus is added to the salve because it has been known to kill retroviruses which are suspected to be at the base of most diseases.  Cistus Incanus moves through the biofilms and dismantles the environment of the bugs as it clears off the cloud of hormones used by the bad bugs to hide themselves.  This is the first go to for retrovirus removal where it does a heroic job.

Scutellaria has two main functions which are to remove heat and invigorate the blood.  The Chinese use this herb for general trauma, sores, abscesses on the skin, diarrhea, insect bites and snake bites.  Scutellaria also has anti-inflammatory properties and is often used to reduce swelling caused by injury.

Scutellaria is very helpful to release emotions, judgements, and twisted issues held in the tissue from stress and denial.  Like the Bravo Yogurt, it nurtures and lifts the tissue back into a strong position where the stress and denial release. The skin and tissue come back to its normal functions.  Even scar tissue is restored, regardless of how long it had been compromised.  Ousting the bothersome emotions and their agony has won the hearts of China where it is consumed as an anti-aging solution.

Moringa Oil is very nutritious and feeds the cells the vitamins and minerals they need.  We use it to draw out the essences from the oils and resins.  It holds itself together so that you can relax and take off your armor.  Moringa offers a little parasympathetic relaxation needed to heal.

Labdanum is a resin gathered from cistus ladanifer, and is known as the "Balm of Gilliad".   It is a beautiful, rich, and royal substance used by the pharaohs.   This ingredient has epic healing attributes.  Web MD says that "Labdanum contains substances that might stop viruses from attacking human cells."   We hold to ancient strategies of preparation to "open" the resin so that its strength and healing attributes can be expanded and fully preserved.

We don't underestimate the power of all these herbs acting together in this salve but we know that they blend beautifully within themselves and our skin loves it!  I have seen it make scar tissue skin, melt cysts, kill worms, restore stuck tissue and more. 

Using Yew Tip Salve alone 

  • Apply it topically in a small amount the size of a pea on a special issue
  • Use it to clear your body of genetic mutation, parasites and disease.
  • Use it to repel parasites  (who don't like the smell of evergreen)
Using Yew Tip Salve with imuno

imuno can laser it's healing action into the skin by combining with the full herbal salve with imuno at any intensity you desire.  The recommended amount of imuno is 10 drops from the syringe or .05 ml for the 1.7 ounce size.  This gives it the ability to penetrate the skin and melt those serious issues.  (Aggressive threats may also want to use imuno systemically by breathing it in with a nebulizer.  We recommend using with 6-8 drops of imuno two times per week.

How does imuno™ do with releasing toxins?

imuno is great when it has no toxins to cut through.  But when it hits a dense spot it will have extra to remove and that makes for a feeling of "waiting for the train to pass".  Most of the time, it's your road, except when it has some stream of toxin leaving!  Then you wait before you can think.

When you breathe in the imuno with a nebulizer, it opens and cleans an area the size of a soft ball or grape furit.  Its much like an inflating balloon, the area that is cleaning gets bigger,  the area of the balloon "skin" gets bigger, and the next doses will begin to clear more area thus removing more toxin. Proceed slowly.

The imuno has a long period of effectiveness.  When you take two doses per week, the first dose will stay in effect with a long temporal effectiveness"tail" and the second dose will begin it's cycle on top of the first.  If this layering continues, Take less. 

Also, there may be separate areas of the body that seem to be "denser" than others.  For example, my lungs are more free and clear because I exercise, thus they receive more oxygen and remove their own stress.    The imuno™ moved through the lungs fairly quickly but when I got to the heart and then a few times later to the liver, it was more dense.  There was more coming off of me so I had to slow down. 

None the less, navigation and elimination over these denser areas was fairly effortless.  I was negotiating more for my brain capacity while releasing more than anything else.  I had to slow down on the amount of imuno I took in order to make sure that there was enough power to run my life.  Likewise, if heavy metals release, it's like waiting for the train to pass before I can use my brain again.

Using the salve by itself or with imuno represent a rare opportunity to receive healing attributes.  I cherish it.

For those of you with limited Kidney Function

The doctor recommends that we take food based multi minerals to help keep our strength up while detoxing.  Besides limiting the detox by slowing down the imuno, it is also helpful to use a topical l-glutethion.  I also found the use Light Therapy which is one of the best ways to calmed down my kidneys.