Collection: Concentrated GcMAF Capsules

Here at Mimi's Kitchen Club, we are a private club.  Therefore, you can ask us to open the package that you have bought somewhere else, make you some alive yogurt, dehydrate it, put it into enteric capsules.  If you prefer, we can spend the time to teach you how to do it.  

These enteric capsules carry the dried yet alive yogurt through the stomach acid and into the area where digestion happens; like the small intestine, duodenum, pancreas, gall bladder, and stomach.  It calms the nerves and brightens the area.  It will be become reconstituted by your body.  It is best to drink healthy fluids and look for your "results" or the feeling of "brightness" in this area on the next day.

These capsules are more valuable in this area than the yogurt which takes care of the brain, throat, esophagus,  lungs, heart, and diaphragm etc.  The yogurt can travel through the stomach walls into the intestines, thereby avoiding the stomach acid, however, it will be mostly a new experience to this area of your body and will begin to proliferate the top of the small intestine.

As always, build up slowly so your body can be very clear of its detoxification route.  More is not better in that it may create too much detoxification at one time.   This would fall under the "moderation" category.  A consistently moderate approach is better than a flood/drought, get overwhelmed, and stop.  Build strength and hold steady for yourself.  The right balance will make you feel great.  Then you know you have it.

It is my recommendation that you go through the start-up kit at first.  Then hover on the 2TBS mark until you can feel your balance.  If you feel you need more, go to the 4 TBS and feel if it is too much.  Or, if 2 TBS is too much, go down in strength until you feel great.  You are looking for an energetic match.  Be buoyant for changes to occur that take you up and down as needed.  

People get caught up with more and more.  This is not the case here.  A shoe isn't better if it is a larger size.  It's better when it fits you, is comfy and makes you happy.

Have you tried sending love to your micro-biome? See what happens!  Leave the Light on!



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