What can Bravo & imuno do for SIBO

The people that we have seen trying to heal SIBO says that the antibiotics hurt them.  They find that the damage was difficult to heal from.
Bravo Yogurt caps helped a lot both with the SIBO and with the antibiotic damage.
The yogurt caps are in an enteric capsule.  They will go through the stomach acid and have more impact on the pancreas, small intestine, duodenum, Gall Bladder, enteric nervous system and of course the stomach and colon.
The process of healing this area includes creating a microbiome and allows the tissue to have communication with itself, the kidneys and the microbiome to make what it needs.
The SIBO will slowly stop when the pH system starts to balance.
The digestive system becomes more acidic during the day while digesting.  It them becomes more base when deciding to put the nutrition after digestion. 4 hours later if all is well and nothing else is eaten.  
Rest is very important and eating only what the body approves of is also very important.  This side steps cravings which are from the bugs themselves attempting to get us to eat something that isn’t for us but for them to use to get stronger and multiply.
Oils are important to the balance to keep things moving and lock in minerals in a lipid base.  
Stress is also important.  A good first step is to meditate and put down everything that you have created with your imagination, thoughts or feelings.  Let it be just what it is and let the negative down pulling energy move away.  Ask only for the Highest Good.  
This is a very good start.  Using 8 TBS capsules either from MCK caps 8 TBS or Bravo Conc Capsules, you will begin to build a barrier and lock in your nutrition and lock out the bugs.
Keep your focus on what you are doing.  Loosing track can cause your body to loose track.  It is not as independent as you think it is.  In fact, it is taking cues from you all the time.  
Do your best to keep your focus on your healthy, happy life.
Keep your energy together.  Love everything.
If these ideas appeal to you and work for you, you may want to come to our teleconference calls or listen to the sound bites on our blog.  Type it into the search bar or chat and see if it comes up with information or ask on the chat.  
Thank you!  I hope this helps.
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