The Upgraded Non-Dairy Bravo is available July 2022 - Edestiny Drink

From the desk of Dr. Marco Ruggiero:


Non-Dairy Bravo home preparation kits are discontinued.


The inventor, Dr. Ruggiero and his wife have discontinued the Non-Dairy Bravo product when they made available Bravo Edestiny, a non-dairy Bravo product based on fermentation of hemp seed proteins.


Dr. Marco Ruggiero says:  "I fully realize that one of the appeals of the Bravo home preparation kits (both the classic Bravo fermenting milk and colostrum and the now defunct Non-Dairy Bravo home preparation kit) consists in the possibility to ferment different media and we all agree that the process of fermentation in and by itself brings about a number of health benefits."


"Being aware of the benefits of home-made fermentation, when I invented and developed Bravo Edestiny, I took this possibility into consideration and, as a matter of fact, Bravo Edestiny can be used to ferment all types of media, from fruit juices to cabbages or any other fermentable medium."


"The process is quite simple; consider that one capsule of Bravo Edestiny is the recommended daily amount. Therefore, you simply have to open one capsule of Bravo Edestiny, pour its content in a glass containing the desired daily amount of drink to be fermented (for example, 4 ounces of fruit juice) and let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours. After 24 hours you stir it and you will have a double fermented product that is actually more potent than the old Non-Dairy Bravo home preparation kit because it is the product of two processes of fermentation: the one that we did in Switzerland to make the Bravo Edestiny capsule and the fermentation you make at home."


"If you want to make a larger quantity of home fermented product using Bravo Edestiny, simply use one capsule per daily dose. For example, if you plan to drink 4 ounces per day and you want to prepare an amount that is sufficient for a week, simply put the content of 7 capsules in 28 ounces of (for example) fruit juice, let it sit for 24 hours and then you have one week supply. Make sure that you keep it in the refrigerator after you have prepared it."


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