Practical tips for using imuno

imuno cream came out about a year ago.  It is made from imuno - The Solution and a very nice Shae butter.  It is priced reasonably because the product does not have to be sterilized, etc. for nebulization, injection and IV like vial.   The cream holds lots of imuno and should NOT be used liberally.  Use only the size of a piece of rice.


imuno vials are for nebulizing, and IV’s and such.  We suggest using a 20 gauge needle to manage your usage consistently.  It is possible to take drops under the tongue but this is going to serve the digestive system.  Nebulizing into the lungs is best for exchange to the blood.  cream or drops onto the breast bone is great for white blood cell growth and things like stem cells, and bone marrow will benefit and may become stronger.  


Imuno suppositories are available from Mimi’s Kitchen Club.  They have different strengths, based on the size of an imuno dose.  This can easily be imagined if you know the power of a droplet from a size 20 gauge syringe needle.  That is 1 drop.  I love the way it feels when the dense toxins leave me!   The suppositories can with time support cleanliness in the tissues of the pelvis including bladder, reproduction, colon and spine.  


Bravo-imuno Start-up Kit is an attractive combination of imuno and Bravo capsules and suppositories at a low price for a start-up sampler.   Healing  is simply the reverse of slow build-up of toxins and allowing the systems to once again grow well.  With this start-up kit and it’s routine, we can do a little bit of cleaning at a time, so that it doesn’t become a big job.  


Dosage tips


Using imuno is like the old game of rolling a hoop and hitting it with a stick.  Each time you take a dose, it is like when you hit the hoop with the stick.  The hoop rolls fast and straight and smooth.  Then it slows down and finally starts to wobble, then it falls over.  Imuno is the stick that gives the cells the power to do their job.  When they run out of imuno, they go back to low energy.   You just have to make sure the hoop doesn’t loose momentum.  Take imuno again, and the momentum is rejuvenated, it holds a miniscus around the clean area.  When I slow down, I can literally feel the bugs testing the boundary to get back in.   The imuno keeps the cells strong when it is present. Take your imuno as the momentum slows down and  remain consistent.  


If you can’t “feel” it yet, that’s okay.  It’s different for everyone.  First gear may be to get momentum.  That’s a dose every other day, no less or more,  for about a week.  Second gear may be a 1-3 weeks and you can take a dose every 2-3 days.  Third gear is 2 times per week and like the highest gear, it can be maintained indefinitely.  Calculating the amount to use is another dimension based on your personal energy and the urgency of the need to heal.   1 drop as a good dose for beginners and children.  People who are sick usually end up between 5 and 9 drops twice a week.


Practical tips for using imuno


Using imuno in any form is exciting and we want to dive right in.  But like any physical sport you need a bit of training to get going.  Get a feel for it and build muscle.  Keep going.  You might want to try one dose at a time.  Feel it lift you and feel yourself come back down.  Do that, and you will know how it works.  You will know it is safe.


At maximum, using imuno in precise areas can be enough to "keep momentum" and gives the cells the sulfates they need to do a good job.  Meanwhile, the cells are getting power and with that power, they are doing the “list” of the immune system. (removal)
Don’t expect to see results or feel them right away.  Instead, be patient.  Focus on the new growth and pay attention to your health not your short comings.


The various ways to take imuno must be balanced so that you don’t use too much of your daily life resources.  How much energy do we have?  How much do we burn up by doing our lives?  How much do we have left to spend on healing?    Exactly.  slow and steady.  keep going.   Simplify your life.  Live it well.


A dose of imuno cream is only the size of a piece of rice. Once you are in shape,  you don’t need to use more than 3-4 of them, then take a day or days off.  At first, if you take too much, you will remove unwanted material from those areas, but you might get tired, because you have too much body power being used.   Indeed, your body will be using energy for the good.  Support it with plenty of rest!    
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