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If you are eating wheat or grains, you are most likely eating GMO’d Roundup ready foods. If you are exposed (to glyphosate/Roundup) it will convert into glyoxylate. Oxalates share the same transport system as sulfation.  This causes poor sulfation of D3 where it cannot sulfate D3 into GcMAF.


A new product by Mimi’s Kitchen Club
GcMAF Support
100 capsules $


Sterling Hill describes it on the mthfrsupport.com website:  Thanks to Earl for sharing this. https://mthfrsupport.com/2016/05/what-sterling-thinks-are-the-most-important-genes-on-the-variant-report-to-date/


What can I do to support the Vitamin D Receptor in case a gene is impaired?

VDR: When the vitamin D receptor gene is impaired, this can lead to many health problems. Vitamin D hormone is needed to break down into GcMAF which is then needed to attack stealth pathogens, viruses and cancer cells.

Did you know that you can only get sulfated D from the sun between 8am and noon?
Many chronically ill do not get out of the bed to get sulfated D from the sun. Also many chronically ill people are low on GcMAF because they are low on D3 which needs to be sulfated and and broken down into GcMAF.

Ever wondered why most people with cancer are D deficient? Because GcMAF which is one billionth of a gram in the blood is crucial. GcMAF has six attacks on cancer including the cannabinoid pathway. That is why many who do CBD oils have shrunk their tumors. (imuno does the same)
We also see that many people with viral overloads, autism, cancer and lyme are GcMAF deficient. They may even have D levels close to 100 but they are not sulfating their D3 because of the following:

Eating GMO’d Roundup ready foods. Glyphosate converts into glyoxylate. Oxalates share the same transport system as sulfation. This causes poor sulfation of D3 where it cannot sulfate D3 into GcMAF.

  • Zinc is needed to sulfate D3
  • DAO is needed to sulfate D3
  • Lysine is needed to sulfate D3
  • P5P is needed to sulfate D3
  • B6 is needed to sulfate D3

Get these valuable precursors in the new product from Mimi’s Kitchen Club to support the process of sulfating Vitamin D3 into GcMAF.    

New Mimi’s Kitchen Club Product:  

GcMAF Support is a  precursor support supplying the necessary what we know helps supply the process of sulfating VITAMIN D3 to GcMAF

 Ingredients in this product:

  • Zinc Gluconate is important for low-excretory nerve function, wound healing, protein synthesis, and it supports immune function. (2)
  • DAO, or Diamine Oxidase is a digestive enzyme which breaks down excess histamine, helps regulate specific functions of your digestive, nervous, and immune systems. (3)
  • L-Lysine an essential amino acid, helps curb virus, reduce anxiety, promotes wound healing, builds muscle and prevents bone loss.  Without it, we risk insufficient hormones and immune cells. (1)
  • P5P is a coenzyme which is the active night form of Vitamin B6.  It regulates metabolism at the cellular level, muscle growth and repair, mood regulation, sleep regulation, and other executive functions by assisting the enzyme action. (6)
  • B6 Pyridoxine is a water-soluble vitamin needed for protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism and the creation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters. (5)
  • Bao He Wan is popular Chinese Herbal preparation for indigestion, bloating, reflux, nausea, diarrhea and food stagnation. (4)

It doesn’t hurt to have what you need!


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