How to Stretch your Bravo Purchase and Save Money: The Second Generation Strategy

Written by Mimi Castellanos
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The starter powder when cultured is called a “First Generation” or 1ST GEN of Bravo.
It is the best and most effective way of taking Bravo.  If you have a medical condition
and can afford to buy Bravo, that is recommended.  Because it is the most effective.
The scientists have made Bravo in a laboratory with specific ratios.  Because of that, we can not really keep making it over and over like most yogurts.  The regenerative yogurt cultures have been together over time and what doesn't work is long gone.  
Bravo is not a docile regenerative yogurt.  It is a biological medicine and has been developed in over 300 experiments to create GcMAF. Bravo has lactobacillus types, bifidus types, yeasts such as s. Balardii and colostrum.  The yeasts are competitive and over time will dominate the food source.
We must be mindful of protecting the "formula".  Taking other yogurt or probiotics can change or dilute the formula.  These can be suspended while using Bravo.  It is already a very high potency and complete probiotic.
We can, however, make a 2ND GEN which (in my opinion) is only loosing 20% of it’s effectiveness. (IMHO, The 3RD GEN was very yeasty and had a threatening taste
but was slightly usable, (in my opinion) I would say it lost 40-45% and left me not
feeling good in my body, meaning it wasn’t as effective.   The 4TH GEN when I made it, was a waste of milk!  It was  horrible and not remotely usable at all.
However, the second generation will be useful.  The yogurt mixture will carry the living probiotics to the next batch but the colostrum is food and ingredients to make the new cultured substance to support the immune system.  Therefore we need to add colostrum to the second generation batch.
Here is my strategy suggestion, use it if it works for you.
When we use the starter powder, it comes with colostrum in it.  When making the 2ND GEN you must add about 2 TBS of colostrum which adds nutrition to the milk for the culture.   (As you may know colostrum is the “first milk” in breast milk and it is known to build the immune
system like the t-cells of the immune system.). It is available by the ounce in our store to make it easy for you to try cheaply or by the huge tub at Amazon for $60 plus dollars for 21 oz.) It is shelf stable.
Things you will need:
An extra jar violet glass jar (to keep the product fresher longer.)
1-2 TBS Colostrum
2 cups of milk (for the 1/2 liter jar)
1/4 - 1/3 cup of 1ST GEN Bravo
1.  Take a jar of prepared 1ST GEN and put 1/4 cup of yogurt mixture into a second jar.
2. Add 1-2 TBS colostrum (doesn’t change the formula)
3. Fill up the 1/2 liter jar to the top with approx 2 cups of milk.
4. Mix by shaking (if you do that well). Or grind powder it in a small cup with a spoon and milk then shake in)
5. Plug in the machine or turn on your oven lightbulb and culture it.  Both of these ways are viable.
* 98 degrees environment for 12 hour (see - Preparing Bravo Part 2)
* 70-86 degrees for 24-48 hours
You now have an almost full jar of 1ST GEN
You have a full jar of 2ND GEN
Consume only the 2ND GEN.  
Leave the 1ST GEN until you need more culture to make another jar of 2ND GEN
Keep it closed and in the back for best results.
Continue making 2ND GEN jars and consume them until the 1ST GEN has gone bad.
(I have seen it last months in a prayerful home :) but start checking after a month.  If you are not using Miron glass, start checking after 2.5 weeks.
If you are ill and need more direct support but need to save money, you can compromise.  
Take some 1ST GEN in the morning and the 2ND Gen in the evening.  
The 2ND GEN feeds and refreshes the micro biome and fills in as needed.
Be creative!  Find what works for you.
Other things that will help  you along as per the Doctors from Europe:
The doctors in their protocol also suggest
1. Rubio Cordifolia, and lithium orotate (buy it at BravoCoop.  It's called Bravo Proyocol)
2. as well as multivitamins and
3. vitamin D in smaller doses such as 1000IU
4. Also the Ketogenic or Paleo. (Look it up! It's very worth your attention.)
The ketogenic diet is really important in that the Bravo needs greens to make the system work!!  It's a delicate system.  You need to make the digestive system lighter and using less energy.  
We desperately need to stop feeding the micro parasites that make film and cover you!  When I started to take Bravo, I felt the film back off and my vitality was able to shine through.  Don't let that "system" get close.  It is better to be proactive.
Sugar feeds cancer and therefore starts it's parasitic action.  It is a hard fight back to your divine inner communication once those pirates hijack your communication system and tell you it's fine to keep doing what "they say" you want.
People generally just loose their sensibility and shrug off the warnings of others.  It's up to you to eat well and be a ninja.   It isn't a fight as much as discernment, vigilance and awareness.  When we want to hide from stress in comfort is the time it is most dangerous.  The hijacking is quite subtle and mostly it's a smooth transition into their command.  (meaning parasitic growth)
The way the parasites hijack our inner communication is called “cravings”.  We eat sugar a few times, the parasitic condition “gets awakened”, the colony starts to build a film to protect itself.  The colony secretes hormonal messages to your receptor sites the same as your endocrines.  Suddenly you are in a hormonal storm.  You eat what you know you don’t want.  Yes, the parasites have you like a puppet on a sting.  And what are you telling yourself while that happens?  
YOU are the most important commodity in this action.  You must stay true to your own body’s function.  Here is the test.  Say no to what you shouldn’t eat, and win!  If you can do that consistently, you will be able to heal  yourself and do much more with your self.  You will become actualized.
Do you know when you are dehydrated?  It's very similar!  We know we need to drink water and we don’t.  Supporting yourself becomes a double benefitted action.
1.  You get more dedicated to self care and wake up
2. Your body gets stronger from the water and food
3. You become more self reliant and register good endorphins and positive messages
4. You feel what your body feels shining out from inside you and it's glorious!
Get support!  Dr. Ruggiero says this is not a DIY project.  You might need to know how to take some steps.  How to make it as well as how to support your own process.  Get more support on upcoming teleconference calls.  
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Second Gen Recipe from powder. (More complicated but a good option)

This allows you to make a second generation from a tiny bit of powder.  Then you can use that as your starter to make a second generation jar.  By doing it this way, you are allowing yourself to use small parts of the powder to make the starter yogurt you need.  You can use the powder any time at all rather than using live yogurt and maybe having too much and it will go bad.  Instead, cutting the powder into little bits is more stable and easier to not have any spoil.

Note: second generation is not full strength.  Make sure you are comfortable with full strength before making second generation.  
We recommend using first generation in the morning.  Then second generation at night, for the kids, the pets and on your skin.  You can also share it with friends.  

Generation 1 = make from  100% strength  powder.
Generation 2 = 80 to 90% of the strength of the  gen 1 formula (with love it becomes more because of your intention)

To make fresh batches of generation 2 from powder —

Take a 1 liter Pack comprising of 3 different packets (intended to make 4 cups of Bravo.)
Split each of the three different packet into 12 parts on copy paper, fold and mark A1 A2 A3… etc , B1 B2 B3 B4 . . . etc to 12, & C1 C2 the same…
    You will do this whole procedure three times and separate them because the powder’s organisms may eat each other over time.
    That was the hardest most time consuming part.  But you will get 12 units for the same money which is very important and actually not hard to do.

Take the first one that you will use right now, and then put the rest in paper folded and put in ziplocks in the fridge for later use.
We will call these 1/12 starter packets or  “Gen 2 kits”. - which is a ziplock with 3 paper envelopes of 1/12 amount of each of the three different powders.  

To make a  half liter jar of second gen,  (1 Purple jar) you will need:  (You can double this recipe if you want.)
* (1) Gen 2 starter packets. (1/12) KIT
* A 2 cup jar
* 2 cups of milk
* 1.5 tsp of colostrum (available on the accessories page in small bits for just this.  Make sure to login)

Heat the milk to 165-175 degrees, cool and skim the skin off.
Take 1/3 cup of milk from your 2 cups.  (set the rest aside for later in the fridge)
Add one Gen 2 kit.  (three different  packets of the 1 pack starter powder cut into 12 parts)
        (NOTE- the extra colostrum doesn’t go in yet.  The packets used already have colostrum. This 1/3 cup is first gen)
Mix thoroughly.  You will have 1/3 cup of yogurt mixture in a 2 cup jar.
Culture at 93 degrees for 12 hours.  
You will now have 1/3 cup of first generation yogurt.
Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to stop it from growing.

Now you will use your 1/3 cup of fresh yogurt (first generation) to make a full jar os second generation. (10-20% less potent)

Take your 2 cup jar with the 1/3 cup of fresh yogurt and add the remaining milk from the fridge.  (Fill the 2 cup jar)
Add 1.5 tsp of colostrum (this is the second one for this batch of powder and milk because it is their food)
Mix .  
Culture at 93 degrees for 12 hours.
Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to stop it from growing.
You now have a jar of  2 cups of fresh 2nd generation.

The second generation is considered 80% or more of the strength of the first generation.  You may want to use a jar of first generation for the morning dose and second generation for the evening dose making the difference in strength almost imperceptible.
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