07.a1 Ho'oponopono - Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer

Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer

Ho'oponopono Course and Certification
by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len


When I was on vacation in Bali this summer, I noticed how the Balinese people didn’t express anger and they didn’t seem to have pain.  It was real!   I was drawn back to a time when I practiced Ho’oponopono.  It seems to be the same energy.   Sure enough,  a wikipedia posttold the history and the regions involved were numerous.


If you remember the true story of a Dr.Len  who took a job in a Hawaiian prison to work with the criminally insane.  The prisoners got better.  They left the prison.  Eventually, they closed the ward.  When interviewed, the Dr. Len, told us he used Ho’oponopono


I dialed into Google and found a treasure.  Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len, did a seminar together on video.  Joe Vitale is selling that workshop as a certification and the price is slashed.  I bought it while still in Bali and started my certification in the heart land of forgiveness and cooperation.  Best money spent in a long time!  I hope you try it.


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