Healthy Energetics Subscription Program

Subscription Program

If you have had a subscription plan in the past, our store platform (shopify) changed it in 2023 and the old one was no longer working.  We got an updated version.

Welcome to the new Subscription Program!!

How to use the subscription program to purchase a product
* There is a choice when checking out to either pick "one time" or “subscribe”.
* This program is NOT an AUTO-SHIP.   Nothing is ever automatically charged or shipped.  
    * It is a email reminder, giving you a choice to say yes to what you have previously set up.  
        * It then gives you an opportunity to add a payment.  
        * Then it will send your order in & the process is done all within the email.
        * The email purchase will also give you 5% off.
        * You don’t have to go to the shopping cart the next time. You will be sent an email.
* If you don’t want to receive the product at the time of the email reminder, you have some choices
        * simply delete the email and wait for the next one
        * Find the manage your subscription button and put it on pause, modify or cancel
        * The next email will come according to the time period you chose when you set it up.
        * If you think you will want it sooner, you can go to manage your subscription and send an email.

Need for special understanding

If you keep track of your orders,  you will be more clear of what you are doing, and delete or change them until it works for you.  These are automatic emails.  Don’t get tangled.  Ask for our help!

* If you don’t see your email and you make another subscription, you will start getting 2 reminders, etc.
        * You can change this by viewing your order in your Order History section.  Within that order is a button to managing your subscription.  Pause, Change, or Cancel,

Prepared Yogurt
* If you would like to schedule Prepared Yogurt every week or every other week, etc, you will need to know that the two sets of Prepared Yogurt leap frogs over each other.  The dates are changed to the next time at the end of every week.
    *  If you want Prepared Yogurt every week, make an subscription for both of the dates, for the milk you want,  for every other week.  As they leap frog, you will get one every week.
* If you want to schedule Prepared Yogurt every other week, choose one set of dates, choose your milk type, and make the duration every other week
* You can always manage your subscription on the order or the email or contact us at Healthy Energetics.

Stock Order
    The stock order is the last Sunday of the month but sometimes there are 4-5 Sundays.  Head toward the 3rd week to give the subscription time to get in on time. Regardless of when you order it, it will be shipped with the entire stock order at the beginning of the next month. :)

Multiple items
If you have more than one item and have more than one subscription, you can make more than one reminder and send them on the same day.  We will combine shipping.

Getting help
        * You can get help by calling or texting the Order desk at 321-747-5517 or email to  You can also ask us on the Pink Chat button on the bottom right of the site.  (It will take you to this page.)

        * We can’t make you a new subscription but we can walk you through the process for you to make one.
        * We can modify, cancel or pause your subscription.  


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