Can Vitamin D becom toxic? What do I look for when taking imuno and Bravo?

Vit D is toxic at super high doses.  That is true. If you are paying attention you will find out that most people have very low vitamin D.  Some people decide to take very high doses of vitamin D. 

What is high and what is low.

I consider moderate doses of Vit D to be safe if blood tests show you low as in the range of 1000-2000 International Units.  However, some people find that they are told to take high doses such as10,000 to 20,000 IUs of Vitamin D.  This may have some short term benefit, but may not be a good long term strategy.

When you are using imuno and Bravo and taking very large doses of Vitamin D, we need to work together to be careful not to create a toxic situation.  Go through all your supplements and track how much Vit D you are taking.

When you have a virus like chicken pox, colds, flu, etc, and we need to rest!  We need to go to bed and stay in bed until we are all better.  If the viruses aren't all killed they can linger for the rest of your life.  If you do get sick again, it will be greater because you have a greater "viral load".  It is very important to stay the course of rest and remedies so that you can become all the way well.  if we don't do that, there might be lingering viruses will stay in our bodies for the rest of our lives popping up as symptoms when we age and our metabolism slows down.

What we have learned in functional medicine is that retroviruses go into the Vitamin D channel because they eat Vitamin D.  They make their nests in this area and use biofilms to keep themselves invisible from the immune system.  We are therefore unaware of their presence.  Taking things that show up these viruses are very helpful. 

With Bravo and imuno, our bodies will begin to remove the viruses and their biofilm.  Once the viruses are no longer consuming our Vitamin D, we will have more of it in our system.  If we are taking a high dose, and our natural Vitamin D is beginning once again to re-enter our system because the bugs are gone, we could reach a toxic level of vitamin D.  We strongly recommend to have your levels checked frequently and take down any excessive consumption.

You may also want to look into taking K2 with your Vitamin D.  This makes a big difference.

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