Buy your products right from your email by adding a subscription and save 5% discount

Buy your products right from your email 

for a 5% discount


Start a new subscription plan by choosing your product and

clicking the subscription option in check out. 

Then fill out the duration.


Let’s say you want a 3 pack of Bravo Yogurt Powder on the stock order every month.

When it is time to buy your next batch, choose the stock order product and

choose the subscription option. 

Set the duration for how often you want to buy it.


If you set your duration for 1 month,

in 1 month, you will receive a reminder email with a button.

Click the button and it sets up your order.  Easy peasy.


REMEMBER - The plan will never charge your account

or make an order for you.

It will simply provide a reminder email

and an order form ready for you to send.

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