Biofilms and Consciousness

Biofilms and Consciousness


What are biofilms?

Everyone knows how a virus expresses itself when we get sick.  We feel wonky and whoozy.  There is a level of reality distortion.  You can't wait to get back to being well.

The congestion we experience is  actually created in our feelings/thoughts when they are not flowing.   If you watch how the congestion leaves, you will see that the the biofilms were assigned by us to do a job.  So that you would obscure an issue from yourself by not see something.  


The films act like an invisibility cloak which are created by viruses.  They are part of the virus nest and nursery and are usually in the Vitamin D channel.   Further, the viral communication can spread and will get into your hormone communication system and that’s when the virus gets even tougher.   You will think that it is you talking to yourself.  At this point, you will be expressing the viruses' intention not yours.  You will tell yourself that you need to eat sugar (secure and grow the virus) and to go  to seek contact with other DNA expressions (transmission).  


Find it within you to want to see and confront the issues that hinder your health. The immune system needs to know what is there. The truth is that something is being held up instead of the peace, joy and natural gifts that you are.  The virus is there  because your awareness is not there.  Bringing a level of awareness and snapping off the wonky feeling will bring clarity enough to remove the virus.  You will feel the shift when you get it right.  When you are expressing who you are, when you are being who you are, then the films will fall away, the immune system will see the issue and begin to repair, restore and rejuvenate you.  The immune system cannot do it without your awareness.


How do biofilms manifest?

Biofilms are built only where your judgements and overwhelms are stored.  They need to be faced, processed and completed.  This takes bravery and focus but not pushing.  More like a chance to clean out the issues with grace and ease.  Be grateful to get close enough to clear.  Clearing is a process of forgiveness of the judgment and forgiveness of self for getting overwhelmed or whatever fits the feelings.  Treat yourself with respect and lift yourself through on the highest road possible.   



What can we do about removing biofilms?

It is important to put your determination and commitment into your self.  I like to tell my clients to put it into their diet.  This is because all your cells are with you at this level and they need you to be a leader and inspire them.  You learn to dedicate yourself and by using the medium of  food, you are getting a double benefit.  As your determination and inner communication become more clear, you are also supplying what you need to your cells through food.   Cutting through the delusion is faster and easier if you eat well AND you develop appreciation for the discipline too.


Cistus is an herb that helps to cut through the delusion and break the film.  I suggest using cistus as a tea.  Other ways are effective as well.  There are enzymes (BF Matrix Enzyme) and essential oils.

I  wouldn’t drink more than a cup or two of tea in the morning.   If you find yourself not sleeping or feeling like you are getting close to something very bad, scary or whatever, then you are on the right track.  Pull back, reset your clear intention, and move forward deliberately.  Don't over do it or push.

Explore the bad/scary and make peace with it.  Kind of clean it out/dissolve it before you move forward.



The cistus takes us closer but denial of the events/feelings/anxieties take us further.  Some viruses twist this clarity so that you can't see the right path.  That’s why it’s a struggle.  But stay strong.  It’s a fight for your freedom.   Proceed until you can move everything by using kindness, peace, joy and safety.


Bravo yogurt is an excellent product for viral removal.  It may take a few months to get to that level.  

Bravo products have an intelligence to get to the clear immune system's network and begin to do the right things.  For me, I had to gain some strength by making a microbiome, and clearing the local tissues of toxins.  (Even though I assumed I was rather clean). I still had emotions to deal with.  Then I would feel heat after sitting down after a busy day.  This was an immune response to the viruses.  When it got to my thyroid, it burned!!  But eventually all my viruses were gone and my ability to think and live was profound!  You can have this.  I just kept saying to myself, "This is new". "This is new". Oh.  I haven't thought that clearly since college.  Oh...  I didn't crash after getting all that done.


Another product which is much worth mentioning is the imuno which turns on the power within the cells and gets the punch list of the immune system moving faster than just Bravo alone can.  Having the systems be turned on is remarkable.  When my tummy began to rumble, I realized, my digestive system isn't even turned on.    It’s like removing the bad guys with imuno and adding the good guys with Bravo Yogurt.  It is an amazing process.  For me, the most profound thing to watch was how Imuno also restores the fluid networks that get confused by congestion from emotions and later disease, etc. 


To discuss how these products can help you and where and how you are stopping yourself, check in at healthy energetics and look around.  If you want an appointment, please contact the order desk at 321-747-5517.

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