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* Being All The Way Well * 

with Bravo and imuno Products

Table of Contents

This is an expanding blog-book on Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt, Non-Dairy Bravo drink, and imuno products designed by Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD PhD.
It is a useful compilation of YouTube videos, research papers, product purchasing, practical experiences, feedback, and a source for practitioners.
Your participation is welcome.  Check your area of concern first!  Others may have answered it for you.  If not, ask us orderdesk@bravocoop.com or mimi@bravocoop.com
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This book-blog will continue to expand as new information gets written in.
This expansion is starting 7/13/19.  If it is underlined, its a link, otherwise, it isn't written yet.  If you want this all the way completed, come back at the end of the summer and see how much we got  loaded with info.
If you want something faster, tell me at mimi@bravocoop.com and I will put it up and email you the link when it is.


Table of Contents

    1.    Introduction to this Blog-Book

    2.    Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt

    3.    Non-Dairy Bravo Probiotic Drink

           This product was discontinued in early 2022.

    4.    Edestiny 


    5.    imuno® - The Solution
    6.    Ketogenic Diet

    7.    Practical Experience of Removing Diseases
    8.    Practical Experience of Holding Physical/Emotional/Mental Balance
    • 7.a   Hoʻoponopono - practice of reconciliation and forgiveness
      9.    Research
      x9.1  Research Paper - Cancer - Bravo and imuno used in a case of multiple Myeloma
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