A healthy gut microbiome matters in COVID-19 recovery

From Dr. Ruggiero


A healthy gut microbiome matters in COVID-19 recovery


This study was published in the prestigious British Medical Journal

(BMJ) and has received a great deal of attention by scientists, health

practitioners and the general public.




The authors suggest that depletion of immune-modulatory gut microorganisms contributes to severe COVID-19 disease.


The dysbiotic gut microbiota that persists after the disease resolution could be a factor in developing persistent symptoms and/or multi-system inflammation syndromes that occur in some patients after clearing the virus.


The conclusion of the study is that bolstering of beneficial gut species, which become depleted in COVID-19, could make the disease less severe.  They underscore the importance of managing patients' gut microbiota during and after COVID-19.


I am sure that it will not escape your attention how this is relevant in the context of Bravo products since they are designed with the precise indication to reconstitute and maintain the healthy gut microbiome.

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