08a Wholesale, Reseller Distribution & Affiliates Referral Program Overview

We have several layers of volume discounts which are intended to serve different kinds of people.
We have a program for the retail purchaser.  If someone is using a product quite often they can use the "pull-down" bar on a product and have some break points for small amounts of the product. 
Imuno 3ml
1-2 vials $650
3-9 vials $624
9+  vials $591
If you are a wholesale practitioner, you can get discounts in a number of ways.
If you wish to become a sales person for Bravo and imuno products and talk to your friends and in online forums you can do that with our affiliate's program.  You simply offer a coupon that tells people how to buy and they get a $5. coupon for their purchase.
The coupon puts the sale into the affiliate's account and therefore, that customer is now tracking their sales into your account.  Your coupon has your company name on it and your folks can share the coupon with their friends but can only use it once.  Then you will get a 10% reward for all of their sales.
The Affiliate Referral Program
    The Healthy Energetics Affiliate Referral Program allows practitioners to build their referral networks by having customers buy directly from Healthy Energetics.  Our program allows you to track your leads and sales, including your sales commission.
    • The Affiliate Referral Program is targeted primarily to your retail referrals
      • The sales commission percentage is based on your sales volume
      • The sales commission is considered income and is taxable
    • How this helps your customers
      • Customers like getting a $5 coupon for their first sale
      • Customers are happy to help you be recognized for your good work
      • Customers put your name into the coupon field to recognize you
      • Customers like to tell their friends that they feel better!
      • Customers like to thank you by giving their friends your coupon
      • Coupons tie the customers and their referrals into your account.

    Referring your professional friends

    • You can give your practitioner friends your $5 coupon for their first retail sale.
      • That would allow you to get a commission on their personal sales
      • They might become an affiliate themselves
        • which would end your commission stream on their referrals
        • which is appropriate because they are working with the customer
      Becoming a Healthy Energetics Reseller Associate
      • You could become a Sales Associate Reseller for Healthy Energetics.
        • This would entail buying product at a larger discount, based on volume
        • You would have the product on hand and resell it, becoming a supplier. 
          • This would include a better rate for your customers and their friends
          • Mailing product to others may be part of this strategy
        • We offer private labeling which directs the customers back to the reseller.
        • Healthy Energetics has different Associate agreements to comply with various distribution agreements
      Our products do well because we protect them.

      if we seem protective of our products, we are!  There are standards to offer, talk about and support these products in order to maintain the cooperation of the FDA to allow us to sell it in this country.  We are the stewards of this privilege and we wish to maintain and continue receiving it.

      If we choose our distribution partners carefully it is based on their ability to hold company protocol and establish a safe communication networks.  Please allow us to share our knowledge and education to protect what we have built as well as the inventor/founder, the company which manufactures them, and the system we have established to distribute them.   Keep the Light on!

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