5 Ways to Protect from Radiation

Radiation is comprised of lots of tiny particles that emit gamma rays, etc. and burn like being hit by very tiny fires.   To some extent, a strong body can endure!  So how can  we be our strongest so that we can endure levels of radiation? The thyroid is a shield that protects us.  To keep your thyroid safe, keep yourself and your environment charged with healthy energy.  Bravo Yogurt can really help to keep your body responding!


5 Ways to Protect from Radiation

  1. Spend less time in front of your favorite monitor or TV screen.
    1. use reflective or blue light blocking lenses or screen filters if possible.
  2. We can protect our "response function"

    1. by giving our body, mind and emotions what they need to feel like they are ready for anything.  

    2. These are the essentials:  healthy organic food so that digestion is completed before sleep, clean non-tap water, lots of healing sleep, exercise, sunshine, minerals & vitamins, fresh oils especially Vitamin E, reducing activity to remove stress.  Focus on feeling great!  

    3. diverse cultures for microbiome building, Bravo Yogurt

  3. Gathering your resources from the ground and using the earth's polarity to push off stress and radiation are key.  

    1. Spend at least 15 minutes per day grounding yourself by:

      *  Being barefoot on the earth

      *  Eating lots of protein

      *  Bathing, wading or swimming in water

      *  Planting hands or feet into the dirt  like gardening

      *  Using copper wire from your skin into the earth.

  4. Some of you are looking for specific enhancers for the body specifically for radiation. 
    1. Not all of these options are right for everyone so find out what is right for you or ask for help.

*  Gensing  - helps to regulate the radiation

*  Kelp - is bio-available iodine

*  Fulvic Acidi

*  Mega Hydrate

*  Zeolite

*  Chlorella - 40% more chlorophyll

*  ashwagandha - helps with stress of oxidation.

*  Sea salt is very helpful to detox

*  Salty Miso

*  Reishi Mushroom

*  High doses of vit C (to bowel tolerance)

*  Selenium - almonds & brazil nuts

*  magnesium - (Calms or see Carolyn Dean)

*  coconut cream and products like cream cheese or Bravo Yogurt.

5. Iodine is used by the body and particularly by the thyroid.  Depletion is considered an emergency by your body.  Here is how to tell if you need iodine.

  1. Take a bottle of brown iodine and hold the bottle to the inside of your wrist for a few seconds. It will stain the skin a deep yellow stain.
  2.  Watch for how long it takes for the stain to be absorbed into the skin. 

* 24 hours or more means you are good but still check every few weeks

          * 8 hours or less is depleted which most people are in this category

          * 0 -1.5 hours would be considered an emergency by your body

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