05. Ketogenic Diet

Let's look at why we want to consider changing our diet.  This is a 15 minute video which describes how to LOOK AT our food differently.  As Fuel!   As a proper DNA interface with our body's computer.

Microbes, Mental Wellness & Mealtime | Lisa Kilgour | TEDxKelowna


Much of our population struggles with issues stemming from brain imbalances. New research is finding a strong connection between our gut bacteria and our mental health. I will discuss how food impacts our gut, and has the power to either exasperate imbalances like depression, or boost our overall well being.

Lisa Kilgour, R.H.N. is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, owner of EatMoreRealFood.com, a wellness speaker, nutrition expert, and writer based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC. Specializing in digestive health and the gut/brain connection.


My favorite source that I admire from afar is Dr. David Jockers. I went to his Keto Edge Summit last year. It was really inspirational. Lots of key points that ring home for me.

I also bought a breath analyzer when they were still $99. on indigogo from Keyto.com. It has been really terrific! It lets me know when I am fooling myself. Sometimes, it also lets me know that I was afraid of stuff that didn't really hurt me! Both good and dummy surprises! How else do we learn. I have never felt better than when I climb into ketosis. It's amazing. Suddenly my body works. You gotta just figure it out for yourself.


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