04.f Instructions for the Bravo & imuno Start-Up-Kit (capsules and suppositories)

The imuno - The Solution® and Bravo GcMAF Starter Kit

The imuno - The Solution® and Bravo GcMAF Starter Kit is a "power-up" for your body including mental clarity, release of deep congestion, and coherence.  It opens and activates the cells within a specific area of your body by recharging each cell with the ability to let go when they were otherwise not responding to the immune system.  It is a feeling of relief to have the body robustly respond with no seeming effort or stress.  Find out for yourself.
This start-up program was designed to give you a sample for 3 weeks to try it out. However we feel that longer periods of time are advisable for gradual growth.
Kit contains:
3 Bravo caps  (1 TBS)
3 Bravo suppositories  (1 Drop)
3 imuno™ caps  (1 TBS)
3 imuno™ suppositories  (1 Drop)

Directions for use:  Here is what people are doing to get terrific results.  Now you can try it too.
On the same day of each week take:
1 Bravo cap
1 imuno™ suppository

On the 3rd or 4th day of that week take:
1 imuno™ cap
1 Bravo suppository

Repeat for the next two weeks using the balance of the products.
Keep Track!
Keep track carefully of the benefits within your body and effect. Take note especially of the baseline you begin with, the power of having the products, and the result at the end as the product diminishes.  This will help you to be conscious of its effects and sure of your results.
Be a chatter box.
Let's use the product review box to add the results you are seeing over time.   Tell us what month you are in and what is happening.   This is a wonderful way to journal your experience and to see what others are experiencing.  It's great to express yourself but also wonderful to affirm the long term results that everyone is getting.  If you are not getting results, make a 1-1 consult on the accessories page. 

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