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How to Make Your Own Bravo Yogurt Suppositories

Written by Mimi Castellanos
Updated 7/13/19

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Things you will need to make suppositories:
1.  Silicone Mold - can be purchased in accessories
2.  GcMAF Yogurt Powder - can be purchased in Bravo section (Login)
3. Organic coco butter - can be purchased on Amazon or in a DIY kit in accessories
4. Pan or yogurt machine to warm cocoa butter
If you want to be exact, you may need a gram scale.  (Amazon)

Preparing the mold

This recipe is designed to make 6 suppositories at one time but you can easily multiply the amounts and make more racks.

Make sure the caps and the molds are secure on and aligned on the base squarely. If they are not, any pressure will cause them to slip.  A bit of oil holds them steady once it is properly cooled but not when you put liquid oil in it so be careful.
Leave the bottom (where the flat cover goes on) open to receive the mixture.
Once they are filled, press the the large flat cover over the entire mold and be careful to use only that base plate of the mold to snap it on and not the whole cylinders which may cause the tips to slip.

Melting the Cocoa Butter


Melt about 12 grams of cocoa butter for each 6 rack set of the suppositories.  If you want to, make a bit more to cover clinging into the walls of the jar, spills, and some to warm up the mixture if needed to finish the job. 

The desired temperature for the cocoa butter is to be heated and then cooled but not really hot.  Hot oil can damage the yogurt powder.  There are two ways to get to semi-cooled temperature. One way is to heat it up quickly and then a long time to let it cool.  OR . . . The other way is to heat it up slowly over a long time with a yogurt machine and therefore not too hot.  Both methods take about the same amount of time.  

Quick heat:

You can use a double boiler with a jar or a little dish inside a pan of hot water.  Don't get water into the oil.   If you use glass, put something on the bottom of the pan so it doesn't break.  You can use a metal jar lid in the bottom of the pan to break the direct heat and keep the dish or jar from breaking.

Slow heat: 

By using a a yogurt machine, you are heating slowly at low temperature.  You also may need a piece of silicone or a metal jar lid to lift the jar off of the direct heat so it doesn't break.  Use your yogurt maker for a few hours and set a jar or bowl in the machine and come back later.  

Either way, keep the water out of the oil.  

Pro Tips:  The pastry chefs don’t reheat the chocolate or cocoa butter.  We aren’t there just yet!  Meaning, we aren't eating this so over-heating a bit may be forgiven, but try to keep it in mind for a really good product.  Figure on not heating the oil more than 2-3 times and try to reduce it as you get more experienced.

Using the Cool/Liquid Oil & mixing the powder

Mix 12 grams of dehydrated Bravo Yogurt powder into the oil. If the oil is too cool, add a bit of hot oil or put your little bowl on the yogurt maker until it is the right temperature

We need cool oil so it doesn’t damage the yogurt powder.  Let the oil cool quite a bit to almost room temperature.

Mix the powder into the oil now.  The powder MIGHT make it the oil too cool.  If so it will be hard to put it into the mold.  

We use pipettes to put the oil and yogurt powder mixture into the molds.

If the mix get too hard, mix in a bit more of the hot oil.   Mix it to soften to the point where it moves inside the pipette.  

Pressing into the Mold

Putting the cap side down and use the small hole in the mold.  You will be using a pretty lot of the pipettes over time, so keep an eye on your inventory.  Use your plastic dropper pipette to gently suck up the mixture,  the hot oil and Yogurt Powder into the suppository mold.  The ratio should be equal in general.  There might be times when you need to add more later cause it sucked down into the mold and you won't be able to give it a push to get it out when the time comes.

The texture of the oil and powder needs to be liquid enough to compress any air out.  When filling, hands off the mold.  Don’t use too much force or you might push the cap sideways and loose one of them.  Mix the mixture with the pipette and fill them with the pipette to the top. 

Pro Tip:  When filling make sure not to leave any open spaces (air bubbles) in the mold by gently tapping the mold down a few times.  That brings the gap up to the surface where you can top it off with more mixture.

Chilling & Storing the Suppositories

Letting the finished product cool is done in the fridge.  They might settle too quickly and suck in leaving a gap or crack.  Simply add more oil to fill the mold.  You can do that with just oil or with yogurt powder and oil  That is fine.  No harm.  No matter what you want to do, it is necessary to chill over night in the refrigerator to firm them up.   Store unused suppositories in a zip lock in the refrigerator.

Pro Tip: Do not freeze for it will damage the organisms, cause rapid of a cooling, and might twist their composition.  Bravo can’t freeze or it can kill the organisms.  The Bravo Yogurt is damaged by freezing and even by a refrigerator that is too cold. 


If you wish to travel with the suppositories, you can make sure the tops are secure.  If the oil melts it will be contained if the caps are tight.  Leaks are common so protect against spills by making sure the surfaces are free of caked oil and your container will hold oil by itself such as double zip lock bagging.  Refrigerate before using. 

Removing the Suppository from the mold

Once refrigerated, the suppositories have enough form to remove from the mold.  To remove the suppositories from the mold, you may want to loosen them all up at one time.  Take the caps off.  Turn the suppository mold over and remove the cover.   Use something smaller than the hole in the bottom of the mold that is flat, round, and very clean.  (Preferably stainless).  In the alternative, you can use the cap over your finger or thumb to push the suppository out from the bottom.  The colder they are, the easier this will be.  Here is a YouTube title is “Removing a suppository from a silicone mold”.


How to Use GcMAF Suppositories

Using any GcMAF product will begin to detox the tissues.  This detox must be done gradually to confirm that the detoxification pathways are open and able to release a constant stream of toxins.

If the suppository mixture you are using is a high doses, you can use 1 suppository every 3-4 days to start. You can move the timing.  Meaning more or less days apart until you find what is right for you.

If they are lower dose, for a child or someone who is sensitive, you can do the same 3-4 days between.  The difference in dose is another way to adjustment you can make. Ultimately you want to be sensitive to your dose so that you can know the difference between too much and not enough.

What will be optimal for you?  You need to manage both removing any toxins and running your body's needs and live your life.  You should feel great when you are at the proper level.  The suppositories will have action through the pelvis and may even have the effect of clearing your thinking because it can clear out the brain drains as well.  Adjusting your dose is an individual situation.

The use of Bravo Protocol Caps are recommended with this product.  It is a blood cleaner which has the action of taking the toxins them into the lymph for exit.

A ketogenic diet is recommended for the best results, 

This product has no preservatives except for naturally sealing it away from air.

Keep it fresh by refrigerating it.  Use this product within 3-6 months. 

After an extended time of several months of using the GcMAF, the natural flow of Vitamin D will re-establish and the immune system will once again function normally.  At that time, you may want to consider adding imuno suppositories to your to your protocol.  If you are taking large doses of Vitamin D, when the natural vitamin D turns on, you may have too much of it.  Even in cases a toxic level of Vitamin D.

We have available for purchase a DIY Suppository kit here which includes:
This kit makes approximately 10 sets of suppositories and contains:  

1 Bottle of Concentrate GcMAF Yogurt Powder.  $ 145.50
1 6 piece silicone mold                                         $   12
1 1 lb. bag of organic cocoa butter chunks          $   18

These are the instructions for the Bravo Dairy DIY kit.  There are separate instructions to make imuno suppositories.  If you have an imuno vial and syringes, you can find those instructions here.

Videos are coming.

You can purchase the powder needed to make these suppositories on the website in the Bravo Yogurt Section.  This powder is not the same as the starter powder.  Pls don't use it as starter powder.  We worked hard to get it into this form for you.  We took the starter powder, raw milk and love and made yogurt, then dried the yogurt completely.  This jar may contain 2 jars of normal yogurt in powdered form.

If you want yogurt, the starter powder is your best bet.  If you want capsules, that's great, look for the starter capsule set on the Accessories tab.  It has capsules and a  capsule holder/maker with the powder. 

If you want to buy the kit that these instructions are for, it is here:

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