02.e What does Bravo do for us and why would we want to use Bravo Yogurt?

Q What does Bravo do for us and why would we want to use Bravo Yogurt?



Written by Mimi Castellanos

Bravo yogurt is made from very high-end probiotics: some call them “royal strains”.  They are arranged into a formula with yeasts and kefir and other more active ingredients that are catalysts that make it work.  Dr. Ruggiero made 324 experiments until the product ratio performed the desired results.

What happens is that viruses don’t leave when our cold or flu is over.  Sometimes we rush off too soon without a complete recovery and the viruses remain in small colonies.  These colonies slowly grow in the background and flare up when given the right environment or a big load of sugar.  (Thus our flu season is right after Christmas)

Our opponent, the virus and other bad microbes,  are small but they are very clever about their survival and existence.  They hide themselves and their nests in biofilms which are like glue.  They glue everything until they discover what works for them.  They discovered that gluing the whole Vitamin D channel is particularly helpful to them.  (Not so much for us!!)  When they glue down door 420, the immune system doesn’t come on and get after them!

Within the vitamin D channel, behind door 420 is a protein that when released, turns on the immune system!  It is called GcMAF.  When this door being glued the immune system does not turn on when we call for it.  Thus the virus and biofilm intentionally stop us from helping ourselves to be well, clean and safe.

With microbes living inside, our consciousness may feel invaded and we may feel that you are loosing an “unknown” battle. Our consciousness is not wrong but it is often hard to understand that it really is happening somewhere.  Like in dreams, we try to assign a possible reason for this feeling.  This is like a sum total of impulse communication from many cells who are then at that moment calling out while they are at the mercy of the invading microbes.  You may come to the wrong conclusion and the war will continue unchecked if we aren’t very attentive and investigative.

Decoding these messages from the cells and responding to them is pretty easy!! Just don’t ignore it.  Do anything to help the cells and that will get you moving in the right direction!  Eventually, they will have the strength to show you their issue. Drink water, jump around.  Look at them.  Look at what you are eating.  Exercise. Release your darkness.  Do things.  Learn things.  Don’t stop until you make those cells feel better.   You need to get the disease out and you are the one who can tell where it is.  Your body can’t do it without YOU.  Gratitude will follow.

I talk to a lot of people.  They all use the same products.  Some get well, others don't get it.  I also use the products.  But sometimes, they don't work as well as other times.  It isn't my diet that makes the difference.  If I am really busy doing something else, I may slip into a state of compromised health.  When we get too busy, we get sick. I realized   I also realized that I am using my full power somewhere else and the sheer energy use will cut power from all other systems, including digestion, respiration, and the immune system.  Take care to rest, keep inside your limits and stay involved with your health.  Don't stop this when you are well.  You will keep improving!

Bravo yogurt creates a microbiome which is easily damaged by antibiotics, prescriptions, acidic food, or stress. We need the microbiome.  It makes functional molecules for our metabolism and processing.  It helps us be connected to the world around us and so much more.  It's like a good, protective, and nurturing parent for our body.

There isn’t any GcMAF in the jar you are taking, but it does show up when it gets to joining with the mucosa in the gut and making a microbiome.  There actually is supposed to be more beneficial microbes than anything else in our body.  These microbes come in with good quality food like the veggies with white powder on it.  That's the probiotics.  Originally. it is built from breastfeeding where much of the immunity comes in installments and matures with the baby.  Without a microbiome, the body is defenseless.  Antibiotics can single-handedly clean out a microbiome in just 5 days!  It takes months and months of targeted probiotic therapy to restore the body’s microbiome.

The effects of not having a microbiome from taking antibiotics are important. It will leave a change in the overall feel of your body.  Antibiotics will leave you feeling empty and powerless.   After all, you lost your partner.  The way you can tell is the same way you feel yourself to know you are sick or well.  If you have a sickness, you can feel it.  Flu will leave you feeling wonky and distorted but without rest, TLC and chicken soup, you may get better but you may not notice that 10%  wonky feeling that's left over and still growing inside.  When you take Bravo, the leftover virus (called the viral load) leaves.  This makes you much less able to get sick from colds because you don't have a viral layer growing inside.  Removing the virus also removes the 10% wonky feeling.  If you give Bravo the time to remove all the viruses, you just feel better and better!

For me, after the viruses were gone, it began insulating my nerves and connective tissue.  It might be a lesser function for the priority of the body, but for me, I could think better and more clearly.  I could analyze a problem from 4 different directions at once again.  Then I realized, oh my, I am down to 1 angle of analysis.  Oh my, the greater realization is that I didn't even notice my abilities were less.  UNTIL BRAVO BROUGHT THEM BACK. Again, if I had quit before the body was done, I would not have had those wonderful results!

Eat yogurt and take probiotics can't do this by itself.  Dr. Ruggiero did 325 experiments to get Bravo Yogurt to create a microbiome that specifically makes GcMAF.  The microbiome sets up in the mucosa and starts to turn on the immune system in one area at a time.  This is another reason to go slowly.  (How many pitching machines do you want to respond to at once?).  Due to the fact that the immune system is something that is in the whole body and it is turned on and recovered a bit at a time, you will feel more and more alive as it moves through these systems.  Once it does, it actually mounts more complex issues like a connection to the global microbiome.  Stay with it.  It's awesome.

Bravo Yogurt goes into our upper bodies down to the stomach acid.  That would be our mouths, head, esophagus, diaphragm, hearts, lungs and spines.  That’s a lot to cover!  Enteric coated capsules work far beyond the stomach and land in the solar plexus region.   Suppositories also help the lower colon, bladder, and reproduction.  The pelvis feels the echos of viruses 6 generations back and is quite uplifted by the Bravo suppositories!!!  I was a hard sell on using suppositories.  Unconsciously, I didn't want to disturb that area. Now I realize how thick the body is at the hips and pelvis and how hard it is for the body to regulate immunity there.  I became really happy when I started using suppositories. Taking yogurt doesn't do it.

Bravo also goes into the muscles and travels through them as it grows our colonies.  It can really help long term colonies that weaken muscles over time.  Rotator cuff melts when heat and rage are present.  E coli causes stomach ulcers similarly.  The immune system just needs some TLC, and long term dedication from you to do its job.  Don't be a creative type that flits away.  You will feel abandoned and deeply uncared for.  That feeling of being cared for comes from YOU CARING FOR YOURSELF.

Bravo comes through.  It eventually has time to clean out all the systems including the Vitamin D channel and gets your immune system back on naturally.  Keep taking Bravo because there are always areas of toxins that need to be removed.  We don’t live in a vacuum.  Our house gets dirty, the grass in the lawn grows and weeds are inevitable.  Good quality growth is reasonable and must be monitored.

Q:  What do we have to do alongside taking Bravo?
A:  Dr. Ruggiero calls for a blood cleaner called Rubia cordifolia, aka,  Bravo Protocol which we made available for you.  Along with that, green leafy vegetables, vitamins & minerals, Vit D2&K2, and I like DHA with it too.  And lots of water so your body can transport things.   The body’s immune system loves plants and proteins.  Not so much the carbs which burn hot and dirty.  The doctor recommends a ketogenic diet which is much like paleo.


Q: Is is important that we don’t eat a lot of yogurt or fermented things that could change this formula?

A: Yes.  It is possible to “flood” the formula with strains that change the ratio of the product’s formula.  You could bend it far enough that it won’t make GcMAF!  If you are used to something, take them at different times of the day and limit the amount if you do the “flood” method.

Q: There are people on the media that are publishing formulas to make GcMAF.  Do they work?
A:  I looked at this in 2015 (when I first looked at the product) because I always try to do a better job for less money. I personally couldn’t do that with this product, because it has not only a proprietary formula which is extensive but each ingredient is expensive and would have to be purchased by themselves.  Further, the doctor definitely had his intention of loving and healing locked into the product.  I found that the pricing was actually reasonable and much more direct than trying to fudge it.   I found myself just wanting to stand beside him and support him!!  In my heart that was the best option.   I decided, I never wanted to be without a microbiome and this is clearly the best way to do it and my machinations were unnecessary and uneventful.  The product has intention, strength, and power that imitations would never have.

Q What does this microbiome actually do?

A. The microbiome grows into the tissue and fills it with what it needs.  It brings oils, insulation, food, cleaning power, better and smoother communication, focus and makes things warm and friendly.  These are things that can’t be made by the body alone.  As it grows into an area, it brings with it what the body needs like synthesizing supplies into new tools for the immune system in each individual area it moves into.

Q:  Did the inventor Dr. Marco Ruggiero have inspiration when inventing the formula?
A:  Yes.  There was a study in Tunisia where they had people with HIV positive blood tests.  They gave them a specifically built yogurt and they got better.  (Better as in blood test with no presence of HIV positive.)  This was an area in Tunisia where food was difficult to find and yogurt was difficult to produce so they did a second experiment as the starting powder.  It didn’t work.  (The process does involve some interaction with lactoferrin.)  The capsules we sell and make are literally yogurt which is dried and put in an enteric capsule, not the starting powder. It takes a day to reconstitute in our bodies and then feels all glowing and bright.

Q: How did you know the microbiome and immune system were killing viruses?

A: For about 6 months (after being on it about as long) I felt flush like 10% of a flu every time I sat down.  I didn’t feel it all the time, or in the same place and not when I was busy.  This gave me another big clue.  The immune system needs time when I am resting to work.  When I am too busy, it waits, waits, and waits.  This isn’t how it works.  I go back to the baby breastfeeding and napping.  The perfect combination!

There is a primer about Bravo on our website in the FAQ section www.bravocoop.com

How to Make it, How to take it, what to order when you first start out.

We also have a practitioner’s corner.




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