2.0 Making Bravo Yogurt Affordable

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There are many ways to recover your health in affordable ways.  Using Bravo is one of them!  Bravo is an exceptional addition to the body.  It is the gift that keeps on giving!  Bravo yogurt is designed to make GcMAF in your gut within the microbiome that it creates in the mucosa.  Not only that, but each dose of Bravo Yogurt that you take refreshes the microbiome, gives it food, restores it’s shelter and re-seeds new organisms.  The microbiome is a factory that is specific to your needs.  It manufactures the things the immune system needs to fight off invaders and it make things that help our body function.

Bravo Yogurt was designed.  It isn’t really a yogurt because it has colostrum, kefir, yeast, and royal strains of probiotics as well as yogurt strains and prebiotic.  Bravo Yogurt is a natural formula.  It has been designed by balancing a specific combination and ratio of the ingredients.  The purpose of the design of the formula is to create the metabolite that turns on the immune system.  The thing that ignites it.   The metabolite that turns on the immune system is called GcMAF.  GC is a protein.  MAF (pronounced like math) stands for “Macrophage Activating System” turns on the immune response.  

Pro Bravo Yogurt tip:  
Since Bravo Yogurt is designed as a ratio, it is wise not to “flood” your body with any of those ingredients.  It may skew the aim of the formula.  If you have a special kefir, have a small amount away from the times you take th Bravo.  You won’t need to take probiotics since Bravo Yogurt has more than 300 strains.  The amount of active material is extensive and it is all alive and ready to hydrate and repair your body.

The reason that Bravo GcMAF Yogurt was formulated is not because we aren’t producing GcMAF.  We producing it the Vitamin D channel which locates through out our body.  The reason we need Bravo Yogurt to give us GcMAF is that viruses nest in the Vitamin D channels and create biofilm nests.  The same viruses that we had when we were little and got out of bed too fast are still growing in our body and sugar feeds them.  It even makes us crave sugar.  The viruses use their biofilms to close off the port that is called on to produce the GcMAF.  The door is glued shut!!!  

Bravo Yogurt goes into the general areas of the gut mucosa and bonds with it giving the body what it needs and making its GcMAF as a work around.  For me, and for many I have talked to over the years have experienced the immune system turning on like a clunk after about 2 weeks of taking Bravo Yogurt.  They also experience a shimmer in the mucosa that cleans the tissues like an ultra sonic jewelry cleaner.  It also makes me very happy.  Like someone is singing sweetly but I can’t hear it.  I can only feel it.  

Don’t worry if you can’t sense these things.  They are quite subtle but many people can feel them.   I guess there are two different directions you can go when confronted with intense feelings.  You can embrace them or you can avoid them.   I believe that what you learn as a child has a lot to do with what you adopt but it is all changeable.  There are those people who run away and try to numb the sensations with food, drink or distractions.  Then there are those of us who invite feelings and want to become even more sensitive in order to enjoy a greater capacity of energy, creativity and feeling.   

For me, in my understanding, sensitivity, creativity and energy capacity has to do with a function of digestion.  It has to do with your ability to bounce and breathe and stay open while this intense emotion digests through your body.   It runs over the surface of your bones and the outside of the muscles in the facia.  This is it’s own type of emotional digestion and it helps your body stay young and limber!  It happens after you digest your food.  

Pro Health Life-Style Tip:
* Don’t eat more food than you can digest before you go to sleep.  
    * Eat less,
    * eat early and
    * give your body time to clean the food out and the waste out of your body before it is time to go to bed.  
* After your food is digested you may then hear some rumblings.  
    * That would be you digesting your day and turning the page
    * rather than stuffing your undone process somewhere in your body tissues.  
* Eating lightly and letting yourself digest is creating a perfect way to wake up clear headed with lots of energy for a highly creative day!  
* Those who avoid:
    * Push down the digestive process with heavy food and intense sugars
        * Too much food create a need for microorganisms that must break the food down.  
        * They in turn need to be fed the same the next time and the next time, creating cravings.  
        * Cravings aren’t us telling ourselves we want a treat.  
            * They are the excess microbes of our habits which want to stay alive keeping you in craving responses
            * Diets are the discomfort of starving those microbes
            * When I don’t have control I fast on broth and tell those bugs who is in charge!!  

Your Bravo Yogurt doesn’t stop there.  The microbiome taps into your body manager and begins to make things that you need.  If it is fighting an infection from bacteria or a viral overload or pain and suffering, it flows its lotion into the area and moisturizes it, changes its pH and takes down the inflammation.  It also kills the viruses.  

When Dr. Ruggiero found the concept of Bravo Yogurt, it was in a study in Tanzania where some Canadian researches gave probiotic yogurt to people who had HIV+ blood tests.
The study had significant successful results at creating blood test changes from having to not having HIV+.   The researchers also tried giving the same thing in a powdered from but it didn’t have the same results.  Eventually they were unable to be useful to the population because there was such famine that milk wasn’t available.

Dr. Ruggiero studies how this could happen.  He took the formula back to his lab and made 324 experiments until he got the results he wanted of the immune system being able to be turned on from what the microbiome was producing on the general mucosa.  That formula went into production to create GcMAF, not in the powder or the yogurt, but in the microbiome.

Pro Bravo Tip:
If you want an idea of what Bravo Yogurt really does to yourself, take the Bravo Challenge.   Put yogurt on half of your face twice per day for 3-4 days. Or make it a week if you can’t tell.  You will see and feel the difference of having positive action from the Bravo in the skin.  

Bravo gives your body moisture, it makes my skin plump and the creases lessen.  My skin is working better than ever.  The uncoated side might feel thinner, hormonally sparky and strained.  This filling up of the skin with what it needs is important.  When I do the Bravo Challenge, it gives me understanding and I do it until I am once again committed to it.  It gives me much more energy because my skin is easily winning the fight with the environmental elements. It is a reprieve from the fighting.  The way I see it, it is adding a great deal of function to my skin and I begin to have the feeling that I am winning.

That is how I felt when I took Bravo Yogurt.  I felt like my body and my life had much more function.  It was gradual as various parts of my body were transformed at different times.  I would notice the changes in behavior and I would say, “oh my, that’s new!”    When I did the challenge, I thought to myself, I didn’t even realize that this change was happening.  Then I put is all over my skin.  

More is not better

When you are considering how to best use Bravo GcMAF products, one must look at where you need it the most! Finding the area in your body that is in the most distress can also be the area that can be most benefited. However, I can easily build a case for all four of these methods!   So much Bravo, so little time!  We highly recommend using Bravo Protocol with all of the methods below and not to use more Bravo than is comfortable over a long term.

One of the most common issue is that people don’t want dairy.  My experience of Bravo Yogurt is that I used raw milk from a happy farm and stepped over the issues of the milk.
I took out the casein by heating it and cooling it and taking out the “stress hormones”.  The farm is happy, the animals are respected and there is no “night mare” in the product.
For those who are not able to use dairy or adjust to it, there is a non-dairy version.

See your health practitioner and use your common sense. More is not better.  We use only a very small amount because it’s like hand lotion.  If you have too much it doesn’t absorb.
Also we start very slow with small amounts so that the formula is pulled down into the detoxification pathways.  By doing this for a week or so in the beginning, you will open up your detoxification pathways.  That way, slowly you can increase the strength in the detox pathways and have the drains open.  I will remind you not to make a plugged up kitchen sink out of yourself because you released toxins but they didn’t have anywhere to go.  That will exhaust you.

Another reason to not over-take Bravo is because you will need to respond to the removal the toxins it liberates.  It is like playing wack a mole or responding to a baseball pitching machine.  I become hyper vigilant about everything around me and have this feeling like I have too much to do!!!!  When I hear that desperation inside me, I know I have taken too much.  

Sure, you can have 8 cleaning crews in your home working day and night but it would exhaust you! Sure, you can stand at the pitching machine, responding to the pitches with your helmet and bat but would 5 pitching machines pointed at you be as much fun as one? Limit your use of Bravo to the amount that is fun, easy to manage and don't worry; it will all get done!    Like exercise, yoga or music lessons, you will grow better able to handle taking more Bravo bit by bit.

The 4 Methods of Taking Bravo

1. Yogurt orally

Slowly sipping, swishing and swallowing the yogurt assists mostly the upper part of the body! The brain, nerves, throat, thyroid, heart, lungs, esophagus, and the walls of the stomach all receive the most.  Over time, the beneficial bacteria permeates to the connective tissue, muscles and nerves giving us comfort and the feeling that everything is contained and manageable.

Our immune system, supported by a ketogenic diet, slowly clears out the potential heat/inflamation and residual infections which may fester. The beneficial bacteria moves in to cool and insulate the nerves, making our thought process clearer, deeper, and more focused. I am not a doctor! This is just what I experience while taking Bravo. Experience it for yourself over time.

I personally experienced the effect in my intestines while taking yogurt, so I know the yogurt reaches there too. I also experienced my thought processes going from being able to handle one thing at a time to two, three and even four parts of the same analysis at once! It reminded me of being in college. (and that I wasn't doing it anymore!) I personally gained lots of mental function from taking Bravo!

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                We will soon be offering
                        Freeze Dried raw milk which can be easily reconstituted to make yogurt
                        Freeze Dried Bravo Yogurt where you can carry small doses for travel Or reconstitute a 1/2 liter or liter and keep it in the fridge.
2. Capsules

The enteric coated Bravo Concentrate Caps speed past the stomach acid for delivery to the area of the pancreas, small intestine, liver, tubes of the digestive system, the stomach and even the spleen and kidneys getting coated, cleaned, and brightened more quickly than yogurt alone.   The Bravo Concentrate holds the complete action and nutrition pattern of Bravo GcMAF yogurt in capsule form because it IS BRAVO YOGURT.  It is prepared Bravo GcMAF Yogurt which is either freeze dried or dehydrated at a low temperature.  This powder is available for sale and can be used for oral application without the capsule, but with the capsule, goes to a deeper place and does a different job.  It is also great for travel.

You can make your own capsules to save money with our DIY capsule making kit.  It comes with capsules, a capsule maker, & yogurt powder and is located on the accessories page. (Login). The caps can remain stable for the short term, meaning months, without refrigeration making it great for travel.  But long term storage is best in the refrigerator where it will last for years.  But because they are live organisms, they can’t remain for years and years.

For me, I feel brighter! It is like the lights are ”turned on"  again in that area and I had no idea how much my pancreas needed attention!!   I was also very glad the my pancreas cleared up so quickly after growing up in NJ on candy, sugar cereal, PB&J, ice cream and desert most night.   As an adult I had years of not being able to tolerating any sugars!  These chronic issues are important and every day I get calls, texts, or emails telling me that their chronic symptoms have cleared up after many, many  years, etc.  My hand is raised too.  Who knew we could clear it up so easily?

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                Popular strengths are 2 TBS and 4 TBS.  The full strength is 8 TBS.  We also sell full jars to make your own caps.  See accessories for DIY Capsule kit.
                These measurements are the same as the liquid yogurt in those denominations. We dried a 1/2 liter of yogurt & measured it

3. Suppositories

A frequent response to the idea of suppositories  is . . . over my dead body! Yep.  Not a warm fuzzy feeling?  I felt the same way until after using them anyway, I realized how nice I felt with all those layers of toxins gone that I was trying to avoid.  So now I love, love, love them and myself much more.  Not as much asshole behavior.  That’s a lot to do for me!!
BTW, the aforementioned behavior may be the result of toxins in that area.  (As in definitely is). I went from not liking the idea of suppository use, to not wanting to miss this wonderful experience!

I use latex gloves, slip the coco butter shape from the mold and insert it with my finger until it won’t slide back out.  The best time is when the bowels have been evacuated.  
The best size is dependent on your detox pathways and how much toxins you have.  Start slowly, it will be moving things out.  This needs to be a slow process.

Over time, taking Bravo suppository brings Bravo GcMAF action to the colon, bladder and reproductive system which can harbor low grade infection.   For me, the suppositories seemed to transform this area into a lighter and more breathable feeling. Also, I felt the whole colon, duodenum, stomach, esophagus, and soft palette feel more connected, that the nerves are insulated,  and awake. I even experienced an increase in being able to taste my food!

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                Bravo Coop offers different strengths in the suppositories to help you find the right daily level for you.

4. On the Skin

The skin is the primary defense of the body. It defends against bad microbes among other things. The skin is also the brain of the body, according to Bruce Lipton, a Stanford cell biologist. He describes in his book, The Biology of Belief.  The immune support in this area allows us to stay in touch with reality, have a clearer sense of what is going on and defend ourselves effectively.  Bravo Yogurt augments this awareness and cleans all the cell walls and antenna so that we feel alive and aware.

If you don’t want to take your yogurt internally, you can put it on your skin.  Many people who can’t take dairy products are absolutely fine with yogurt on their skin.  It is an external organ and it is capable of creating a microbiome and turning on the immune system.  It’s like the skin can take in what it wants and leave the rest to be washed in your next shower.  The girls in our Bravo teleconference call group say that they used Bravo only on their skin.  They got ALL the same results as people who took it internally.  They felt the skin come alive and shimmer. They felt the new happiness come in from the cleaned tissue. They felt the immune system clunk as it turned on at 2 weeks.  It is quite impressive.

I have always "fed" my skin naturally, with aloe vera, fresh seed oils, and coconut oil. Now that I have Bravo to use as a natural emollient lotion and imuno to deeply clean all the way to the bone I have completed my tools!   I get so disappointed when I travel and I can’t wait to get home.  It is such a benefit!

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                    You can make it yourself with the Bravo Yogurt Starting Powder
                    We sell it prepared for those who don’t want to make it.  It comes on ice over night.
                    We will soon have Freeze Dried Bravo Yogurt in single doses or 1/2 liter, just add water.

How to figure out how to dose with mixed applications of Bravo

With all 4 types of applications, the dosage approach stays the same.

* Begin slowly with a very small amount (approximately 1/4 tsp) x 2 times per day for 1 week.  
    * Check to make sure you have no allergies, infection reactions or viruses in the gut mucosa.  
* For one week each, build up a bit more, as in 1 tsp, 1 TBS, 2 TBS. - 2 x per day. etc.
    * This is so the body takes that little bit and sucks it into the detoxification pathways opening the drains to be ready to move toxins when you take more.
    * Not opening the detox pathways will cause the clogged sink drain phenomenon.  Go slowly.
* Dr. Ruggiero suggests not taking more than 1/2 cup per day, however, I take far less.  Then after years, I needed at times to fill.  It doesn’t happen very often
* If you are mixing applications, you still stay under this guideline.   if you are strong, you can do 2 at once, but if you begin to feel sluggish back it down.
    * Perhaps one dose is one does in method of application and another dose is another
    * OR 1/2 dose in each area at the same time.
    * You start in your area of concern and branch out to other applications when you are taking more
    * After the first month, follow your doctor's advice or if alone, use your body's lead to find the right dose.  
        * You want your body to feel great
        * Take more, feel it.  Then take less, feel it.  Which one is better today?
* If you are taking too much, you may feel overwhelmed, too much to respond to or too busy.   Or you may feel sleepy and groggy if your are detoxing heavy metals.
* If you take too little or are not eating well enough, you may not feel anything.
    * You may not feel any benefit, energy, or "brightening". If this is happening, clean up the diet, take vitamin D, hold to your start up for 1 month, then you may consider taking tiny increments until you feel great and then hold at that level.   For your life-style, hold that level and don’t listen to the cravings the bugs may provide.
* When planning to mix different Bravo applications, common sense prevails.
* If you are currently taking "x" x 2, for example, stay within your daily dosage even if you are applying it several different ways.
* Any combination as long as it doesn't exceed the daily amount plus a tiny bit more for the new area to do it’s new thing while it is new.  
    * It will use its own resources for a while.
* The start-up amounts in the capsules "start-up kits" makes it easy to increase over the first month of use for either application
    * When using capsules or suppositories, look on the Bravo Coop site for products that match the level you are comfortable with.  (That’s why we make them)

Nurturing Your Microbiome

We recommend that you continue to use the yogurt.  It protects, it flows, it insulates the nerves to make everything easier.  The immune system starts to chug along actually getting things done!  It goes after the priority, which might be bugs, releasing tension from a specific part of the gut or keeping the keeps joints open.  It is expanded by imuno which is even more jaw dropping in terms of the movement of unwanted material out of your body.  With a body that is aware, moving and flowing, and safely removing toxins, I just keep feeling better and bette.  I walk around saying, “Oh, That’s new!!!”  (Meaning my positive behavior). I didn’t collapse after a huge job and I continued to have energy.  I could look at others without needing to have a mirror reference on myself.  Like a narcissism I guess.  My anxiety/depression cycle went away.  Over complicating because I couldn’t think through something went away.  I just have to be very courageous to love myself through all of those things without judging myself.  (It doesn’t help, perhaps it is from a toxin)

I made an attempt to feed my microbiome lots of vegetables.  I even freeze dried vegetables to make more items that were crunchy, etc.  I needed to feed my system the minerals and nutrients it needed in just the right way to get the result I want.  It was like smoothing the cloth in order to feed it into the sewing machine.  If I did it with care, I got a spectacular product.    

This it is an organic process.  It is like raising a garden or having a puppy or just relaxing into life.  Bravo gives me a significant number of things that increase me being really healthy and feeling great.  To get that information and to encourage yourself to go on, you have to turn your attention to you body, and get some feedback about how it is doing.  For those who have the patience for that, you will see yourself thrive.  For those who don’t “get it”, they are already looking to the next thing or person who is going to give them a button to push to make all their illness go away.  There is no button.   Focus instead on the daily increments of rising up and feeling better.  Try not to look at what it wrong but on whwrong!  You need to focus on new life emerging like the tips of the branch and take care of it.  

How to get the best results from Bravo Yogurt

Month 1

The first month of using Bravo Yogurt is about building up slowly.  The yogurt is like hand lotion.  When you put too much on there is no where for it to go.  It doesn’t absorb.  If it doesn’t absorb, it will spread out and detoxify the tissue.  But where will it go if your detox pathways are congested and inflamed?   There is no point in doing too much and detoxify too much tissue too fast.  Therefore for the first 4 weeks, we ask you to take only a tiny bit.  Let it go down into the detox pathways, condition them, and open them up.  Therefore in the instructions, you will see:  1st week take 1/4 tsp 2 times per day for 1 week.  Then 1 tsp 2 times per day for 1 week.  Then 1 TBS 2 times per day for 1 week.  Then 2 TBS 2 times per day for 1 week.  This lets you clean and build.  You might not feel the effects until mid month but you won’t be a snow globe where the toxins have nowhere to go.

Bravo Yogurt attaches to the mucosa and makes a microbiome.  The microbiome is a factory but it also shimmers and throws off the toxins.  We are going to be asked to respond to those toxins.  Even after you have built the capacity to move the toxins through and get them out, you might still feel the signal from within that you are taking too much.    The right way to take Bravo is to have fun responding to it, like wack-a-mole.  If you have 5 pitching machines tossing you toxins to respond to, you would have more than what would make you comfortable.    It all depends on how much toxin is lying under the surface of the tissue.  

Pro Tip: Knowing when you have taken too much

I recognize my behavior.   I start hearing myself say,  “I have too much to do!!!!!”   That’s because you are responding, responding, responding and the toxins are moving from all the tissues where you have let the yogurt overflowed into too many areas at once.   The feeling is, I can’t keep doing this, I am tired and those toxins can’t be left undone.  I believe that healing is having a good day and another good day and feeling great with each day getting better.  Go slowly so that you have the “muscle” to get them out.  Don’t start at the top of the ski slope.  Start at the bottom and get comfortable with your skills.  Then go up a bit more and make sure you are having fun. Is there anything more important?  Then do it slowly with stability

Month 2

For the second month you will be at 2 TBS. Take some time to really feel how much yogurt is enough, not enough or too much. Notice how much makes you feel.  Learn to take the amount that makes you feel great. Once you find your dose, hold it steady for a few months. If you have a lessening of energy, go down in dose (usually) or up until you find what you need. There will be some old emotions resurfacing, which makes it hard to see that it is good. Damaged cells from consuming sugar, microbes, toxins, and heavy metals are all moving out.  Take your time and really learn your best rates.  You will need to know these things for the next stage which is when the microbes are dying and you will feel that to some extent.  This is called a craving.  Your microbes will cry out because they are dying and starving.  This, by the way is what you are hoping to do.  THAT is disease leaving you.  Hold tight to you feeling good and say goodby to the cause.  Be strong, stay happy, and learn to move them out.  The Keto diet or even all meat and broth diet will help if you want to get through it quickly.  Then add in the vegetables.

Month 3

The third month give a little “push back”. You are strong and the bad guys are in “fight for our life” mode. They can manipulate you through the hormone communication system. You will suddenly think its fine to eat what “you know not to eat”.  Sit on your hands. This is how you kill them and win. Put a chart up. Score 1 when you donʼt give in. Engage in healthy strong habits and focus on new growth and moving forward. If your habits are fun, they may be, but at a certain point they catch up with you.  You can use the beginning point to make it important to be healthy first, knowing that your cravings are a sign of trouble.  This is where the ketogenic diet really helps when you start on it earlier than the third month.

Month 4 an beyond

Disease requires that you rest and heal.  Build your energy for healing.  If you don’t have a diagnosis, Bravo is an excellent idea.  You will also get healthier and healthier.  For me, at about 6 months, when I sat down after work, I felt this little flash of heat come up from somewhere in my torso.  It happened each day.  I realized, my body let me race around, but when I stopped, it took it’s turn for the immune system to do it’s thing.  It didn’t stay in one place but sometimes, it did for a few days.  I realized that my viruses were being removed.
I realized that I was lessening my load and that everything would be easier and it was!!  Really obviously easier.

Wow.  I was sure surprised by what comes out.  I have been on this protocol for almost 5 years.  I cleaned my liver out this winter like never before.  I noticed all my childhood behaviors surfacing and releasing.  My liver being clean was a huge benefit.  There are many things to look forward to with ongoing Bravo Yogurt.  Many, many people do this so we have a stock order to help out.

Is there a Protocol to do with the Bravo?

Dr. Ruggiero, is the inventor.  You can see his recommendation in the the video on Autism One from 2015.  About minute 40, he starts talking about the protocol to take with Bravo Yogurt.  He mentions minerals, and he mentions Rubia Cordifolia and lithium orotate.  I realized that these things weren’t easy to find and so I made them and began to sell them.  They work great for me.  I have had people call me just to tell me how good this product is.  One guy said, he uses the rebounder to release his lymph when it gets jammed.  He says that the Bravo Protocol would release things that would sometimes take him 2+ weeks to work out.  

Bravo Protocol Xtra is my idea of this remedy.  It still has the Rubia Cortifolia  and the Lithium Orotate in it, but it also has two extra ingredients at very low doses.  The first one is a special bamboo charcoal from Thialand.  I was preparing something for someone and I was done with the tiny white gram spoon I was using.  It had a fine black dust on it and I decided that it shouldn’t be wasted so I ate the powder off of the spoon.  It immediately cleared my spleen!  Everything started to flow again.  Wow.  I realized that a tiny bit of this goes a very long way!!  I added several spoonfuls to every pound of powder!!   I also added one more ingredient to this product which is something known as Bamboo silica.  It occurs in the joints of the female bamboo plant.  It allows the bamboo to remain flexible in the wind.  Although this might be an great flexibility remedy it is also something that can help our consciousness go from carbon based to silica based.  

I offer both products Bravo Protocol or Bravo Protocol Xtra.  They both help the body to respond to the toxins and move them from the fluid into the lymph.   For years I have offered a free sample of Bravo Protocol Xtra for those who like to sample things first.  Often, they call me feeling stuffy and I refer them back to this sample.  Apparently the action of the microbiome releasing the toxins gets it into the interstitial fluids but not quite all the way to the lymph.  With this product, it all works.

Pro Tip: Learn to live without antibiotics

Don’t eat sugar.  It causes bacteria to grow excessively causing infections.  Then what?  Kill everything you have been working for?  This is a bad investment.  Don’t excite excessive bacterial overgrowth!!  What do you want?  Comfort or health?  Sugar is a craving and microbial overgrowth  which will rattle your cage until you give it more.  To slowly take out the bad bugs and slowly take down the sugar.  Eat vegetables instead.  We have products to quiet the cravings.    

Pro Tip:  Vitamin D

Vitamin D is made naturally by the body but is blocked by the viruses and their biofilm nests.  As you take Bravo Yogurt, the immune system clears out this blockage and you begin to create Vit D again.  When you begin to make Vitamin D naturally and the biofilm blockages clear, the Vitamin D will now get to your body.   If you are already taking high levels of Vitamin D, AND your natural function turns back on,  you may receive too much Vitamin D.  Note that you need to monitor your Vitamin D levels  as you start healing especially if you are taking more than 1,000 to 2,000 IUs of Vitamin D per day. High doses of Vitamin D can be toxic.  Stay at about 1000 IUs and watch the natural flow so as not to get toxic.

Making Bravo as affordable as possible.

1. Buy starting powder on the stock order at significant savings. - find “Stock Order” on the shopping cart navigation bar.  (www.healthyenergetics.com)
2. Buy as a reoccurring sale you can save an additional 2% savings
3. If you send a check in the mail for another 2% savings
4. Become an affiliate member, tell others about Bravo yogurt and get commissions on your referrals (it comes as product coupons)
5. Use Miron Glass to have your product stay fresher longer.  It’s not about just going bad.  It’s about staying energized.  (Energize yourself directly.  Drink water that has been charged in Miron Glass too!!)

Saving money by doing things in your favor

* Don’t take more than your dosage.
* What is your dosage?  Stick to it.  Don’t try to take more than what you decided was your ideal feel good dose.  As much as you want it and even if you can afford it, it’s about how much hand lotion you can or can’t absorb.  What happens if you have more than you can use.   It may be disrespect to your beneficials!  
* This is the part of the program where you don’t eat a half jar and then complain that it’s too expensive.

Pro Tip:  Hold steady to your dose

Bad bugs will tell you to eat all kinds of crazy things and you think it’s you!  (Its them taking command of your internal communication network so that’s easy to think it’s you).  Don’t take more or less than your agreed upon dose.  If you are doing an experiment to see if you want to take more or less, that’s great.  But then lock down on your dose.  Keep it steady. You can still add other areas.  Skin, caps, suppositories.  But make sure you aren’t over doing it.  

Now plan by the 1 liter is 67 tablespoons.  Now you can figure out how much yogurt you need after you get to your dosage in month 2.  This section will help you get there by using methods to make it more cost effective.  These methods came from lots of people talking in Mimi’s Kitchen Club.
* Yogurt expands.  It grows.  If you use a little less powder, or a little more milk, you can still come up with a 100% potent batch.  
* If you use 3-4  liters in  6 months, this will work for you.  Here is how:

Secret Tip: Splitting the powder

This technique will allow you to make more yogurt from your powders.  You can take the Stock Order 3 pack (which makes 6 jars), add all the powders together (each type must be handled separately because some powders will eat each other in long term storage) and redivide the powders into 4 packets.  This will give you 2 more jars (2-cup miron jars) at full strength for no extra cost.  Here is how.

    1.   Take 3 1 kits, open them sort them the same kind of envelopes.
    2.   Take 3 of the same, empty them into one pile on some wax or parchment paper
    3.   Using a business card, knife or spatula, rake the powder into a symmetrical shape
    4.   Divide this shape into 4 equal parts.  
    5.   Put the 4 parts out towards the corners, cut the paper and wrap them up.  Mark them all the same (1, 2 & 3 or whatever)
    6.   Do the same for each of the types of product.  You will now have 4 of each kind and you started with 3 of each.
    7.   Use one of these packets according to directions.  (Ie with 1 liter of milk)
    8.   Put the packets in a ziplock with the date and refrigerate

Pro Tip:  Make only what you will use
Bravo yogurt will stay fresh in a regular glass jar much like regular yogurt, for about 2-3 weeks without separating into oil and liquid water on top.  If you are using Miron Glass due to keep it fresh for more than 4+ weeks.  Now that you know your dose and how long your yogurt will last, you can determine how much yogurt to make at one time.   Make only what you need, stay on your dose, and keep it fresh & determine an affordable plan.
How long do I need to keep taking Bravo?

No one has ever answered this question for me, but in my years of working with Bravo since the summer of 2015, I have never stopped working with Bravo and my microbiome.  I know that it matters what I eat and that there are some vegetable that pull me out of things that I thought there was no way out of it.  And suddenly those vegetable appear in abundance.   Remember, Bravo keeps following the Immune system’s plan.  As with all things, there is an order and rhythm to unwinding it.  Bravo yogurt is very, very good at holding the focus for the unwinding.  I am not sure if it is the immune system, the Bravo, or the mitochondria but somehow the system is awake, strong and making power.   A strong immune system knows its priorities and marks what needs to be removed.  It keeps moving on that plan. Bravo, it slows down, slows down and finally stops.  Then the viruses begin to grow again.  The marked issues include deep pockets of viruses.  it is, therefore, necessary to keep going.  There are many things can have you stumble  If you have someone to share it with, it’s easy to make a whole liter pack for two people.  What if you don’t need that much?  Split the powders!!   A liter pack is 4 cups of milk.  If you want 4 cups of yogurt, use a full liter pack.  (A Miron jar is 2 cups). A liter pack uses 4 cups of milk.  

If this is too much yogurt, figure out what you need by calculating your dosage.  The recommended dosage takes 1 jar the first month.  At the end of the first month, you will be experimenting.  You can figure out how much you need if you consider the yogurt is going to last 2-4 weeks when using a Miron glass jar.  

To make 1 Miron glass jar of 2 cups.  Take your Liter pack which has 3 different packets and split each of them in half.  Use 2 cups of milk.  if you won’t finish the yogurt before it goes bad, you can save money by making less.

Pro Tip:  The powder is made in a European Measurement
The powders are made for Liters.  Liters have 4.25 cups.  That means that you can have more than just 4 cups (1 quart). You have enough powder for 4.25 cups.  Why not add a splash of milk more  to your batch when you measure out the 4 cups.  Use the liter side of the measuring cup.  1000 ml is usually how it is marked.  Extra thought, why not add another .25 cup.  Make it 4.5 cups?  Give it a little extra time and it should expand to fill the milk.

Pro Tip:  Fresh natural milk is your best bet.  It’s often more expensive or takes time to drive to a farm.  If you have milk that has not been used, try freezing it in usable portions.  (Maybe 2 cups plus a splash if you have enough.) Don’t heat it first before freezing.
It doesn’t freeze as well.  

                                                              How to save money when you Buy Bravo Yogurt

Use the Bravo Coop “Stock Order” Sale

We noticed that you want some Bravo Yogurt shipped to you this month.  If you need it right now, that’s the thing to do!  But… if you can wait until the first Friday of the month for your delivery, you can save money.  

At the heart of BravoCoop is a cooperative buying club.  Our group is comprised of so many wonderful healers and informed, aware humans!   I am in bliss to be surrounded by so much love and competence!  We come together for a great product line which is really for everyone.  Bravo Coop makes sure that we can all get in on it by making it as affordable as possible.

Our buying club came about to meet Bravo Coop’s needs for the steep volume demands when ordering profitable from the parent business. The “bar” to be profitable relies on large volume purchases to get the best volume discounts.  So, we created the Stock Order which is exactly the same products as the retail store but purchased on a specific day.  This allows us to reach the volume discounts needed.  Then we offer you the volume discount for the same products allowing many the opportunity to use Bravo products on a fixed income.

Here is how the Stock Order works:

if you have made an online account, you are now a Bravo Coop cooperative member.  We thank you for your continued support.  All you have to do is have an account.  There is no other fee or requirement.  

Once per month, we tips the scales by allows us to order a volume of products where volume discounts are offered.  We offer the discount back to you.  Since the end of 2015, until the last Sunday of month, you can order the same products for less by going to stock order tab at the shopping cart.  www.healthyenergetics.com The difference is that the order won’t deliver until the week after the order end.  On Monday morning, the collect all of the orders and place the company’s order.  It arrives quickly on or about Wednesday of that week.  Then we ship it to you by first class mail which takes 3 days which should get it to you by the end of that week using our free shipping.  (Faster shipment times can be purchased with priority or priority express mail.)

That’s it!  We end the sale and we place our ginormous order.   This makes for deep volume discounts for you and Bravo Coop gives us the volume discount.  Together we make it happen!  We actually all help each other.

You can find the stock order at the tob here.  https://www.healthyenergetics.com/collections/stock-order

Now that I have the powders, How the heck and I going to make it?

There is a process to figuring out how to set yourself up for making Bravo Yogurt.
These are the questions that vary between person to person.  

Where do I get the milk?
Try this website that has a finder by area:   www.realmilk.com

How do I keep it warm?  I recommend this yogurt maker that has a timer and thermostat.
On Amazon, search for:  “Yogurt maker MVPower Automatic Digital”   The cost varies $28-$34 and USA voltage

You may want to have a thermometer to calibrate the machine, environment and any adjustment for seasonal weather, etc.

How to make Bravo:

* These instructions come in the box box with the powders.  Bravo Yogurt 3 fold Instructions

Basically, heat the milk to about 170 degrees
Cool the milk as quickly as possible, water and ice in the sink & put the pan in it
Skim the top off which is casein
Mix the powders in with an electric mixer
Put the milk/starting powder mixture in the Miron jars or in a bowl or jars you wish to use.
Put it in the yogurt maker for 93 degrees for 12 hours.

There are tips on how to make this work for you personally on www.bravocoop.com  look for the FAQ section.  
How to make, how to take.  I will be editing these in to this document in January

IF you should loose track of the temp or the time you can use this taste method to find when your batch is done.
Taste Method

I taste the yogurt to know when the yogurt is done if especially if something looks different about my batch.

Underdone yogurt will have a taste of “raw milk”.

Done is silky, cultured and smooth.  
* It is much like a custard and needs to have the center set without the sides getting too hard.  This can be done with a shape (like tall/thin and slender) so there isn't too much in the middle to get stalled.

* Gradually the raw milk is overcome by the cultured taste. This is the peak of excellence where the culturing should stop and it should be refrigerated.

Overdone yogurt, turns a bit sour as the yeast begins to over-grow.  Use less time next time.

Think of it as a bell curve…

The first line is under done
The top of the bell curve is done
The third line is over done.

                                    Under                            Done                         Over    

Find the perfection by tasting it. Write down your culture time and temperature for next time.  

Adjust the temperature and or time for
* outside ambient temperature
* volume of yogurt being cultured
* Seasonal temperatures

Intermediate Protocol

Ready to try something else?

A very nice “intermediate” method for a batch is to let the yogurt “culture” for 93 degrees till done at 12 hours.
Then unplug or discontinue the heat and let it slowly cool down for about 4 hours before being refrigerated.

The cultures don’t all do best at the same heat.  This lets all the cultures have fun and come to fruition.  

If the idea stresses you, stay with the beginners until you want more.  
Write again for the advanced protocol when you feel ready.


How to Stretch your Bravo Purchase and Save Money: The Second Generation Strategy

Written by Mimi Castellanos
Updated over a week ago

The starter powder when cultured is called a “First Generation” or 1ST GEN of Bravo.
It is the best and most effective way of taking Bravo.  If you have a medical condition
and can afford to buy Bravo, that is recommended.  Because it is the most effective.
The scientists have made Bravo in a laboratory with specific ratios.  Because of that, we can not really keep making it over and over like most yogurts.  The regenerative yogurt cultures have been together over time and what doesn't work is long gone.  
Bravo is not a docile regenerative yogurt.  It is a biological medicine and has been developed in over 300 experiments to create GcMAF. Bravo has lactobacillus types, bifidus types, yeasts such as s. Balardii and colostrum.  The yeasts are competitive and over time will dominate the food source.
We must be mindful of protecting the "formula".  Taking other yogurt or probiotics can change or dilute the formula.  These can be suspended while using Bravo.  It is already a very high potency and complete probiotic.
We can, however, make a 2ND GEN which (in my opinion) is only loosing 20% of it’s effectiveness. (IMHO, The 3RD GEN was very yeasty and had a threatening taste
but was slightly usable, (in my opinion) I would say it lost 40-45% and left me not
feeling good in my body, meaning it wasn’t as effective.   The 4TH GEN when I made it, was a waste of milk!  It was  horrible and not remotely usable at all.
However, the second generation will be useful.  The yogurt mixture will carry the living probiotics to the next batch but the colostrum is food and ingredients to make the new cultured substance to support the immune system.  Therefore we need to add colostrum to the second generation batch.
Here is my strategy suggestion, use it if it works for you.
When we use the starter powder, it comes with colostrum in it.  When making the 2ND GEN you must add about 2 TBS of colostrum which adds nutrition to the milk for the culture.   (As you may know colostrum is the “first milk” in breast milk and it is known to build the immune
system like the t-cells of the immune system.). It is available by the ounce in our store to make it easy for you to try cheaply or by the huge tub at Amazon for $60 plus dollars for 21 oz.) It is shelf stable.
Things you will need:
An extra jar violet glass jar (to keep the product fresher longer.)
1-2 TBS Colostrum
2 cups of milk (for the 1/2 liter jar)
1/4 - 1/3 cup of 1ST GEN Bravo
1.  Take a jar of prepared 1ST GEN and put 1/4 cup of yogurt mixture into a second jar.
2. Add 1-2 TBS colostrum (doesn’t change the formula)
3. Fill up the 1/2 liter jar to the top with approx 2 cups of milk.
4. Mix by shaking (if you do that well). Or grind powder it in a small cup with a spoon and milk then shake in)
5. Plug in the machine or turn on your oven lightbulb and culture it.  Both of these ways are viable.
* 98 degrees environment for 12 hour (see Youtube.com - Preparing Bravo Part 2)
* 70-86 degrees for 24-48 hours
You now have an almost full jar of 1ST GEN
You have a full jar of 2ND GEN
Consume only the 2ND GEN.  
Leave the 1ST GEN until you need more culture to make another jar of 2ND GEN
Keep it closed and in the back for best results.
Continue making 2ND GEN jars and consume them until the 1ST GEN has gone bad.
(I have seen it last months in a prayerful home :) but start checking after a month.  If you are not using Miron glass, start checking after 2.5 weeks.
If you are ill and need more direct support but need to save money, you can compromise.  
Take some 1ST GEN in the morning and the 2ND Gen in the evening.  
The 2ND GEN feeds and refreshes the micro biome and fills in as needed.
Be creative!  Find what works for you.
Other things that will help  you along as per the Doctors from Europe:
The doctors in their protocol also suggest
1. Rubio Cordifolia, and lithium orotate (buy it at BravoCoop.  It's called Bravo Proyocol)
2. as well as multivitamins and
3. vitamin D in smaller doses such as 1000IU
4. Also the Ketogenic or Paleo. (Look it up! It's very worth your attention.)
The ketogenic diet is really important in that the Bravo needs greens to make the system work!!  It's a delicate system.  You need to make the digestive system lighter and using less energy.  
We desperately need to stop feeding the micro parasites that make film and cover you!  When I started to take Bravo, I felt the film back off and my vitality was able to shine through.  Don't let that "system" get close.  It is better to be proactive.
Sugar feeds cancer and therefore starts it's parasitic action.  It is a hard fight back to your divine inner communication once those pirates hijack your communication system and tell you it's fine to keep doing what "they say" you want.
People generally just loose their sensibility and shrug off the warnings of others.  It's up to you to eat well and be a ninja.   It isn't a fight as much as discernment, vigilance and awareness.  When we want to hide from stress in comfort is the time it is most dangerous.  The hijacking is quite subtle and mostly it's a smooth transition into their command.  (meaning parasitic growth)
The way the parasites hijack our inner communication is called “cravings”.  We eat sugar a few times, the parasitic condition “gets awakened”, the colony starts to build a film to protect itself.  The colony secretes hormonal messages to your receptor sites the same as your endocrines.  Suddenly you are in a hormonal storm.  You eat what you know you don’t want.  Yes, the parasites have you like a puppet on a sting.  And what are you telling yourself while that happens?  
YOU are the most important commodity in this action.  You must stay true to your own body’s function.  Here is the test.  Say no to what you shouldn’t eat, and win!  If you can do that consistently, you will be able to heal  yourself and do much more with your self.  You will become actualized.
Do you know when you are dehydrated?  It's very similar!  We know we need to drink water and we don’t.  Supporting yourself becomes a double benefitted action.
1.  You get more dedicated to self care and wake up
2. Your body gets stronger from the water and food
3. You become more self reliant and register good endorphins and positive messages
4. You feel what your body feels shining out from inside you and it's glorious!
Get support!  Dr. Ruggiero says this is not a DIY project.  You might need to know how to take some steps.  How to make it as well as how to support your own process.  Get more support on upcoming teleconference calls.  
Subscribe for 1 monthly stock order reminder and important news.
BravoCoop Teleconferences

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How do I get started taking it?
Intermediate Level (been taking it a bit?)
What should I expect from taking Bravo?
              What can I do to get my best results?
Advanced Level (Whoa!  It’s working! Now what?)
Look at me!!  I am reducing my condition!
What is happening?  
Am I safe?
You can connect with these teleconferences
at www.bravocoop.com - shop page at the bottom
Check here for new dates and times
Send your questions ahead on email to mimi@bravocoop.com
Recordings will be made available

You have to really know how to make Bravo Yogurt before you enter this technique or you won’t understand it so easily.

Second Gen Recipe from powder

This allows you to make a second generation for a tiny bit of powder.  Then you can use that as your starter to make a second generation jar.  By doing it this way, you are allowing yourself to use small parts of the powder to make the starter yogurt you need.  You and use the powder any time at all rather than using live yogurt and maybe having too much and it will go bad.  

Note: second generation is not full strength.  Make sure you are comfortable with full strength before making second generation.  
We recommend using first generation in the morning.  Then second generation at night, for the kids, the pets and on your skin.  You can also share it with friends.  

Generation 1 = make from  100% strength  powder.
Generation 2 = 80 to 90% of the strength of the  gen 1 formula

To make fresh batches of generation 2 from powder —

Take a 1 liter Pack comprising of 3 different packets (intended to make 4 cups of Bravo.)
Split each of the three different packet into 12 parts on copy paper, fold and mark A, B, & C
    You will do this whole procedure three times because the powder’s organisms may eat each other over time.
Take the one you will use right now, and then put the rest in paper folded and put in ziplocks in the fridge for later use.
We will call these 1/12 starter packets or  “Gen 2 kits”. - which is a ziplock with 3 paper envelopes of 1/12 amount of each of the three different powders.  

To make a jar of second gen,  you will need:
* (1) Gen 2 starter packets. (1/12)
* A 2 cup jar
* 2 cups of milk
* 1.5 tsp of colostrum (available on the accessories page in small bits for just this.  Make sure to login)

Heat the milk to 165-175 degrees, cool and skim the skin off.
Take 1/3 cup of milk from your 2 cups.  (set the rest aside for later in the fridge)
Add one Gen 2 kit.  (three different  packets of the 1 pack starter powder cut into 12 parts)
        (NOTE- the extra colostrum doesn’t go in yet.  The packets used already have colostrum. This 1/3 cup is first gen)
Mix thoroughly.  You will have 1/3 cup of yogurt mixture in a 2 cup jar.
Culture at 93 degrees for 12 hours.  
You will now have 1/3 cup of first generation yogurt.
Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to stop it from growing.

Now you will use your 1/3 cup of fresh yogurt (first generation) to make a full jar os second generation. (10-20% less potent)

Take your 2 cup jar with the 1/3 cup of fresh yogurt and add the remaining milk from the fridge.  (Fill the 2 cup jar)
Add 1.5 tsp of colostrum
Mix .  
Culture at 93 degrees for 12 hours.
Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to stop it from growing.
You now have a jar of  2 cups of fresh 2nd generation.

The second generation is considered 80% of the strength of the first generation.  You may want to use a jar of first generation for the morning dose and second generation for the evening dose making the difference in strength almost imperceptible.

Splitting powders for 1 jar or 2 cups of full strength

You can split the powders in half if you want to make a smaller amount of the full strength FIRST generation

A liter pack makes 4 cups.  The miron jar holds 2 cups.
So if you want, you can make 1 liter pack and put it in two jars.
If you can’t culture them at the same time, you can hold one in the fridge until the other one is done even with mixture in it.

If you only want one jar at a time, you can split the powders and hold them for next time.
1. Take the three packets inside of the 1 liter pack
2. Do one packet at a time and keep the powders separated.
    1. Cut each packet into two equal piles.  Use one to make your yogurt, put the other ones in a zip lock.
    2. Label and date the ziplock  
3. Heat, cool and skim 2 cups of milk
4. Mix in the  3 separate powders. (Referred to as a “half pack” of powder (3 different packets cut in half.)
5. Culture for 12 hours at 93 degrees
6. Refrigerate for 2 hours before use.  

There is a little video on www.imunothesolution.com on the Bravo page (additional protocols)

About this document

Please give me you’re 2 cents.  As I write, I know you want to find info in this book that isn’t here yet.  Email me at mimi@bravocoop.com

Check the blog section  and the FAQ of www.bravocoop.com
Check the general title sections of the navigation bar at www.healthyenergetics.com  for each product but this book is about Bravo Yogurt.
Check the www.imunothesolution.com as well as the FAQ of www.bravocoop.com for research articles.

More organization coming soon.

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