01a2. Trouble shooting your customer account

Having trouble making an account or placing an order? 

Troubleshooting your account

  • Accounts are made from our email address
  • If your account is partially made, it won't let you in from the person icon
  • Email the order desk at orderdesk@bravocoop.com
  • We will send you an email with a blue button to complete your account
  • This formality links your account and your email for security
  • Completing the blue button activates your account 100% of the time. :)
  • We don't mind!!  Sorry for the inconvenience
  • This happens when people go on the mailing list
    • We usually send this email when we see this happen
    • We are talking to the engineers about this

Having trouble finding products?

  • Login - Some products are only available to members
  • Finding Mimi's Kitchen Club products on the website

What if I don't want to be a member of Mimi's Kitchen Club?

No problem.  To place an order without opting Mimi's Kitchen Club

  • Email the order desk at orderdesk@bravocoop.com
  • Include your customer info: name, address, phone, email
  • Include what you want to order
  • Choose a payment method
    • We can send you a payment request to fill out
    • We can take your card number and put it on file
    • Any other payment option is fine with us
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