01a1. How do I make a customer account?

Make it easy to make an account?

Two ways to get there. 

  • www.bravocoop.com and hit the "shop" button on the navigation bar.
  • www.healthyenergetics.com is the shopping cart URL

Once you are at the Healthy Energetics URL you can login or make an account

  • In the upper right corner is a person icon.  It's in the middle position.

First-Time Set Up

  •  Under the gold sign-in button is the link for "Create Account"
  • Fill out your information completely including the password and click the terms and conditions box.

Login - Each time you come in!

  • Click the person icon
  • If you don't have a saved icon to choose, put your email in

What is Mimi's Kitchen Club?

  • There is no cost. 
  • It changes your our from "Public" to "Private"
  • The FDA governs the "Public" and directs everyone to AMA
  • The "Private" status allows us to choose to be private so we can discuss other options of merit found in other parts of the world.
  • "Private" gives us the right to talk about alternative health and makes purchasing customized products more protected.
  • More about Mimi's Kitchen Club


  • Accounts are made from our email address. 
  • If your account is partially made, it won't let you in from the person icon.
  • Email the order desk at orderdesk@bravocoop.com
  • We will send you an email with a blue button to complete your account
  • This formality links your account and your email for security
  • Completing the blue button activates your account 100% of the time. :)
  • We don't mind!!  Sorry for the inconvenience.
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