01b. Finding Mimi's Kitchen Club Products

Mimi's Kitchen Club products are only available to members.  Therefore, you must login every time you go into your account or the site will lock you out from seeing Mimi's Kitchen Club products. 

Find the person icon to login in the upper right corner.

You will find each product's category on the navigation bar. 

  • Bravo Yogurt
    • Here you will find Prepared Yogurt, caps, suppositories and half packs for those who want them.  You must be a member.  Make sure you are logged in and make sure you check all of the pages.  Capsules are on page 2 and you will find the page over tabs at the very bottom of the page.
    • We have Bravo Yogurt start up kits with capsules in different doses
    • We have Bravo-imuno start up kits with capsules and suppositiories.
  • Bravo Non-Dairy
    • There is only one product we customize and that is a prepared bottle of Non-Dairy Bravo.  Don't buy this product until you read the directions because it is super easy to make.  If you want it, we will make it for you.
    • Find the prepared Non-Dairy Product on the Bravo Yogurt site with the other jars on the top two rows. 
  • imuno
    • imuno is an expensive product to buy a vial just to try it.  Therefore we make it into capsules, suppositories, and salve so that you have access to it.
    • The capsules and the suppositories are on the imuno page on the navigation bar.
    • The salve is under the Yew Tip page of the navigation bar.  You can buy the salve by itself and add your own from your vial or you can order it on the yew tip site with a custom amount of imuno put in it.
  • Yew Tip
    • Yew Tip Salve is a Mimi's Kitchen Club product.  You can find it under the Yew Tip navigation tab.  We sell capsules, suppositories, salve and we also sell salve with imuno in it.

Since there are several sizes of most customized items we aren't going to link to them here or you might miss the range.

Have questions, ask the order desk by email - orderdesk@bravocoop.com

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