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 It is your right to be protected the way you want to be!  It is clear to us that our institutions of food growing and medical care are in need of reconsideration to bring better health.  When we ask for consideration from our regulatory bodies, we are told that nothing is wrong with our produce choices being drenched in pesticides or our wheat being poisoned by "Round-Up" being used on crops to protect the machinery.  The farmers must follow the instructions.   The doctors must follow their instructions to be allowed to practice. 

It is indeed unfortunate that regulatory bodies of education, medicine, industries and more are being corrupted by power and money.  The money trends and corruption are what determines standard treatment in the USA and the treasures from each area which are offered from other parts of the world are being suppressed. 

If there can be a good side from this trend, one advantage may be that our own investigative skills can bring these treasures forward.  We live in a world of information and our separation is shrinking.  People like us can now bridge the suppression and find the treasures.  In fact, many people, including me, have became aware of Bravo Products because of hearing about the hundreds of influential alternative doctors who have suppressed by been killed.  

In response to protecting our efforts to bring you these products, we have opened the packages, made the yogurt and sent it to you.  We have established a handful of people who make yogurt for others.  To protect them and ourselves, we want you to fully understand that this gesture is not coming from a commercial kitchen, but from my own kitchen to you.

Mimi's Kitchen Club is a private membership association.  This gives us the constitutional right to meet and discuss our health, it gives us options as a matter of free speech, and makes it clear how that we serve you as people, not a business when we open the package to make products more affordable and just what you need.

This does not give us the right to do harm. However, it is essential that we have the right as a private group, to discuss things that are happening in other countries which have obvious advantages to us, and to make them available by mutual respect and agreement.

To join Mimi's Kitchen Club simply make an account and click the terms and conditions button.  Always login!  You will see more options opened and available only to Mimi's Kitchen Club.

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