04.f What to expect from taking more imuno.

The object of detoxifying the body areas with imuno is like nothing I have ever used before.  It cleans so well.  It takes some energy to pay attention to what is happening.
Think of it as driving a car.  Many things are happening but you can handle it.  In fact, some things because "automatic".
At some point, you will feel like you are supposed to slow down.  I want to tell you that you are "right on" about slowing down.  Let me explain.
With this product, it actually tends to speed up naturally.  
It has a long time of action.  A dose may stay active for weeks.  This means that you are layering doses.  Eventually, you will start to feel like you are taking too much.  That would be accurate.  I consider this to be like a manual transmission. You have power in first gear but can’t stay there the whole drive.  You must shift gears into a more long term gear ratio.  So slowing down isn’t really slowing down, it is just moving things along more efficiently.  Without as much imuno.
Another thing that I experienced was a pressure behind my eyes.  I went to get my eyes checked for a new prescription.  He said I had pressure and sent me to an ophthalmologist.  The deeper look found my eyes to be fine but the pressure was slightly high.  They didn’t give me drops.  But I also had a few days to slow down on the imuno.  
If you should feel pressure in your spine, that’s okay.  It is just the imuno removing viruses from your spine and nerves.  Don’t worry, just slow down and remain feeling great.
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