04.1 New Science on GcMAF

New Science on GcMAF

6/21/19   Just now, new science has been publishing results on the actions & attributes of GcMAF.  Preliminary findings have shown great results when Bravo GcMAF Yogurt, imuno® - The Solution and a ketogenic diet are used together for the removal of the underlying environments of diseases such as autism, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.  Scientific interest in the preliminary findings is now turning into validated research and the research is expanding into new areas of disease management.  Interest in GcMAF is spreading and research is building.   Bravo Yogurtand imuno®-The Solutionhave been available to many users who are coming to an understanding that the action of this protocol is quick and the results are easily noticed. 


imuno® is based on vegan, ultra-pure, homogeneous, low-molecular-weight Chondroitin Sulfate,  ultra-pure Phosphatidylcholine, and Vitamin D3.  Further, the positive effects of these ingredients are enhanced by molecular bonding of all three ingredients into one multi-molecule and nanosizing it through filters to only use the tiniest particles capable of moving through the body easily.  These molecule "packets" can effectively cling to the cell walls (CS) making each cell efficient, relaxed and alert.  It cleans the cell walls (PPC) like a soap bringing detailed clarity and increased organization, and it penetrates into the cells (D3) reigniting the mitochondria and activating any dormant immune system activation.  Further, imuno can be used in other treatments as a non-toxic immune system modulation (Freund's adjuvant), it is designed to stimulate the entire innate immune system (which is 500 million years and older).  It can act as a non-sulfurantibiotic without damaging and disrupting the body's natural functions and microbiome (be medically responsible).  It works better than CBD oil to rebalance the endocannabinoids.   imuno@ - The Solution lifts in a natural, wholesome and invigorating way in an ultra-pure low dose method. Exciting!


New studies are confirming that there are at least 12 actions in the body which are activated by GcMAF and 11 of them have been known to support the body in overcoming cancer.  That's exciting!  It doesn't stop there.  The new research shows a multitude of conditions which are improving with GcMAF activation.


 12 Attribute of GcMAF


1.   Activates Macrophages [white blood cells] that eat cancer cells (1).

2.  Inhibits cancer cell-induced blood supply to tumors (2).

3.  Inhibits cancer cell proliferation and metastatic potential (1).

4.  Turns cancer cells back into healthy cells [reverts phenotype] (1).

5.  Induces apoptosis [suicide of cancer cells] (1).

6.  Suppresses HER2 oncogene expression in human breast cancer (3).

7.  Repairs and grows new human neurons [neurogenesis] (4) (5).

8.  Increases cellular energy [mitochondrial level] (5).

9.  Normalizes endocannabinoid gene expression (6).

10.  Induces the synthesis and release of Nitric Oxide by activated macrophages (7).

11.  Counteracts the neuronal damage induced by Oxaliplatin [Chemotherapy] (8).

12.  Activates osteoclasts, which are responsible for the resorption of bone(9).


Research on the actions of  GcMAF


  • A new GcMAF cellular receptor was found which can now be described in molecular detail (24).

  • A process of Gc protein binding in chains (oligomer) with Chondroitin Sulfate on the cell surface (24).

    • The supposed active site of GcMAF is composed of Chondroitin Sulfate

    • Chondroitin Sulfate is a chain of alternating sugars (GalNAc and glucuronic acid).  

  • The biological and clinical effects of GcMAF are actually due to the Chondroitin Sulfate (with its GalNAc which is ) and its association with lipophilic compounds (27) (28)


The newest research listed here refers to imuno® The Solution which is a successor to Rerum, and also to the original blood serum "GcMAF" formula.  It can be used in low doses, it is safe and cost-effective in diminishing the root causes of many diseases.  We now have scientific proof of the increased benefits of imuno® over the other GcMAF products.  The benefits of imuno are clearly shown to be 4 times greater!


Complete Research Summary


 Case studies - Cancer in remission is 3 months

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