02.c1 How to make a half liter by splitting the powder

How Much Bravo Yogurt Will I Need?

The Bravo Yogurt starting powder comes in a 1 liter/4 cup size. If you make too much and it can go bad before you can use it. In clear glass, the yogurt will usually last about 2.5 weeks before the water and oil separate. Dark violet Miron Glass can energize the product and may also double the freshness time.


The first month, less is needed. You will need 2 cups of yogurt per person per month. Once you get to month 2, your intake will vary. If you take 2 TBS x 2 times per day, you will need 4 jars per month. This will depend on you feeling great and is a good standard. Long term usage is recommended for divers support.

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