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(24) Plastic Pipettes for transferring material into suppository molds, etc.

Transfer liquids easily and conveniently with disposable plastic pipettes.

These versatile tools are ideal for a variety of applications in:

    Science Labs: Safely measure and transfer liquids during experiments.
    Arts and Crafts: Precisely dispense paints, glues, inks, and other crafting fluids.
    Aromatherapy: Easily measure and transfer essential oils.
    Baking and Decorating: Apply small amounts of liquids for intricate designs or measured additions.
    Home Use: These pipettes can be useful for refilling small containers, feeding small pets, or transferring liquids in small spaces.


    Material: Made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic, which is non-toxic and chemically resistant to most common liquids.

    Disposable: Eliminate the need for cleaning and potential cross-contamination.

    Easy to Use: Simply squeeze the bulb to draw in liquid, then release to dispense.

    Graduated markings: Pipettes have markings on the side indicating volume for basic measurement.

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